Time to go fishing again!!!


Time to get back to work on Charley and tie up a few loose ends…

Like, when did B-man figure out you had double-crossed him, Grim?

Why was the insurance man’s card in the MOT’s hotel room?

Who lost a tooth that night?

Who’s hat needs a repair?

Who won the coin toss?

Who was Roxanne laying with when they snapped?

Who gave the two roses?

Where is the watch?

Who has the anchor tattoo?

Why G filled out the Death Certificate for the MOT?

Who’s body is really buried in Augusta?

How long did the MOT lay dead inside his hotel room?

And who erased the flight registers for the high ranking official that night?


You see… there are always a few little things here and there that escape me. Or, have they, Grim? Is this curiousity or bait?

Time to go fishing again!!!


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