And what of the eagle?



So much has happened in the last few days and my schedules have been so booked that I have literally left the house in the dark and returned in the dark and had no time in between to breathe or to take a moment to sit and write.

The article came out Monday and as usual those who cannot extend their minds beyond the immediate and obvious found fault with what I do. It is all right for them to scoff… the joke will be on them later. As for the case, some interesting things have begun to happen.

Roxanne pulled R under water to show her who stood upon the shore… the law enforcement uniforms shadowed by a tall man in a camel colored coat who wore a watch with the initials _________. This same man owned a lighter which Charley bought 3 days before he died from the Morris Pawn Shop. Roxanne was very upset when he stood upon the shore and acted as though he knew nothing of how she ended up under water…especially since he was there when they dumped her into it. And there are other things too, like the pipe smoke in the parking lot when there was nobody there beside me. Was that you Mr. 4th in flannel? The Pipe Smoker?

And what of the eagle? I have seen him three times now and yesterday a huge white feather. Another message is on its way.

Here’s an interesting tid bit of info for you. Do you know how many times somebody Googled the phrase:  remains under water?

I do.

You’ve been busy this week, Grim. You, Einstein and the farmer. Be careful… someone might be watching.

Some one other than me.

Maybe even more than one…


Sleep tight.

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