People long silent are waking from…


Last night another visitation. The little white dog who rests beside me night after night as I ponder over text books  or plow through pages of the book, bit and barked at the air above my desk for over ten minutes. A microscope in my text book was named after oneof the four in flannel. A TV show medium announced the arrival of the same.

There is something going on in the cosmos.

People long silent are waking from their eternal repose to put in their two cents…and I don’t mean G’s! The man with the camel coat, the damaged thumb and the air of authority is getting nervous. The man with the crooked teeth is crapping in his drawers and shuffling money from here to yonder. Mr. Pocket Protector is so scared he’s half blind with fear. The man who carried the lunch box all day waits for something to convince him he has no other option.

Each day we die a little more. And by the way? I owe Miss M a big apology. I totally misread the Albert Einstein portrait before- but I got it now! One was Albert Einstein and one was more like Ada Wets’s butler.

Gonna watch TV-Land late night re-runs now, aren’t you?

Oh… and here’s another riddle! Anyone for canned peaches??? You know if you place them to near a fire…a really BIG fire… they become poached peaches.

Don’t you just love a mystery?

I don’t either!

That’s why I solve them.

Sleep tight, Grim and don’t forget to breathe…

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