Spirit must step to the plate…


It has been several days since I have written… mostly because I had need to leave spirit to spirit for a while and get back to mundane things like homework and housework.  I am caught this evening by what is and what has been and what could be. In this case I have done Yeoman’s duty to decipher and determine each tiny clue and innuendo… but tonight? Spirit must step to the plate and direct from this point forward.

Last night after a full days event, I watched a movie just before bedtime. In it again, a sign of impending doom. A baseball player on the back of his shirt bore the name of Grimmsley.  That came just after the repeat of the Long Island Medium’s ear candy about the Grim Reaper entering the room. This in the heels of black roses and a dining with the devil experience and I get the message. Someone is on the short list.

Ok… remedial I am naught! So what’s the deal with the recent bombshell, spirit? Do not begin to re-arrange the chairs on the deck of this Titanic. The night is late, the water cold and I have metaphorically pulled enough bodies from the water already. I have worked long and hard for over three years now and I grow weary.

State your case, spirit.

Name your victims… name your perps and let me be on with it!


Pull some strings, buddy. I need some freaking answers to two questions and you already know what they are!

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