Keep your eyes open for a…


Rejoice with me… FINALS ARE FINISHED! Yeah! I am free till fall. Just work and finishing the book. So close to the end too!

Yes, with a chance now to set scholarly pursuits aside I can return to Charley and my continuing investigation of this case. Since I had take home exams, I had a moment here and there to reconsider some information received and to volley some conversations back and forth.

Should you be worried, Grim?

Silly man…of course you should. So should your friends, the 4 in flannel. Why? Because folks have begun to put 2 and 2 together. Can you feel them staring at you? Wondering where your scars came from? Why you follow people and watch their every move… why you run and hide when they turn around and questions are being asked. Do you think that out of sight – out of mind still prevails?

Foolish boys! All of you.

What happened at the lake? What happened at the pool? What happened at the hotel and what dear friends really happened that night out on the Clyattville-Nankin Road to my dear friend, Charley? You said it was an affair gone bad…but for who?

This is about your affairs, Grim.

Your business affairs, your love affairs, your sexual affairs and your illegal affairs.

Did you really think you would get away with it? Just because a few of you are dead-does not mean that you, who are alive will not burn in hell as well. The others just have a head start! So I tell you what, Grim.

I’ll start the fire this time- if you bring the marshmallows! What? You want to start the fire, Grim?

No. I don’t think so. Jessica says you have a bad habit of playing with matches. She says that’s how she got burned…literally!

Enjoy your holiday, Grim. What holiday? Why Mother’s Day, silly. Because to me, Grim- you are the mother of all mothers! Takes a hell-of-a-guy to manipulate that many murders and still claim he’s a Born Again Christian. You’re a Born Again something; but Christian might not be my first choice. Now, let’s see…. what kind of present do you get for somebody like that?


I’ve got it!  It’s so totally brilliant! So, keep your eyes open for a big brown package…

Can’t wait for your surprise?

Ok, I’ll tell you. I’m sending you a bag of DEPENDS!


Because you’re going to need them! Maybe you can share them. A few of your good buddies are gonna need them too.

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