Something afoot in the cosmos…


Something afoot in the cosmos… can you feel it?

Solar eclipse on the morrow and I can feel the build. Do not fret- I have not abandonned you, dear readers. I have spent the last few days working at the job and working on the book and piecing together bits of the home that have waited patiently for my attentions. The book is captivating. And even though I am the writer and the reader both-I cannot seem to put it down!

There is a stall still…I can feel it. Something big is about to happen- there is a shift. It is this shift that I wait for. The shift that will allow the ending to flow.

“Jessica is tied to the attorney… she might have been pregnant…the plane that flies from Valdosta to Tampa each Wednesday with  bags of $$$…the attorney…”

I have found you!

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