What they whispered in my ear…



Yesterday was Julie’s Birthday. Those of you who have read the comment she left understand that she was six years old when her father Charley was murdered. Her Birthday party was taped that year and when the tape was found… she made me a copy and early in the spring she brought it to me. It was the first time I ever heard Charley’s voice.


Last night I had a dream and when I woke this morning, I had the title for the book. Now I have come up with various clever cover art scenarios and even more creative and titillating titles to match… but in the end it has become about achieving two things:

that there should be justice for all. Not just for Charley or Jessica and Roxanne…but justice for the MOT, for Hazel, for Julie and her family. For Charley’s mother and father and all the people that never believed he committed suicide. Justice for those who took Charley’s life and Julie’s childhood. Justice for those who stole the lives of those two girl. Justice for those who placed the MOT somewhere he never thought he’d be. Justice for those who have lived long and clandestine lives, outside the law and inside their guilt. Justice for those who plotted and those who planned. Those who lived far away and thought they were above the law because they were the law. Those who executed the deeds and those who hid and buried the truth along with the bodies they defiled.


Justice will and must be served.


So what title would you choose?


What they whispered in my ear in that space between sleeping and waking was…JUSTICE FOR ALL.


I hope you had a great Birthday Julie.


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