Isn’t this exciting?



I realized something the other day. Or maybe, re-realized something might be the better terminology for what happened. Going through old notes and comparing them with new information has solidified my belief that though a great portion of what happened was local… its key players, the  ones Grim specifically took his orders from lived well above the gnat line. Would you like to share that information with folks, Grim? I could, but you knew (them) him so much better than me. You remember him, right? He goes back a long way with you… your family. It’s a legal thing.

You must have been both sad and relieved when he died a year or so ago. After all, he had so much on you…but the tables were equal. You had a great deal on him too. Like the stories about him and his counterparts and their lusty visits to the big V. Their activities. Especially the one’s after dark. Ok- not always after dark. Some folks saw things in the light of day. In fact, wasn’t it you who used to hand the name of your friends to the other man with the red sports car? You know- the guy who used to pick up Jessica. Yes! That guy…He used to pick Jessica up and deliver her like pizza to your pal… and his friend too. You were such a friendly lot! Sharing stories, sharing hookers, sharing money, murders and lies. Gosh! You just have to admire how tight you all were. Sans, the conspiracy to keep this little thing hush-hush.


There’s just one problem with the whole thing, Grim? Secrets are meant to be told. Promises to be broken and lies meant to be uncovered.


What did R say?

The attorney got Jessica pregnant…who became a Lieutenant later? Who flew into the sandy little burg of Valdosta the night Charley was murdered? Why would he do that? To save your ass? Not likely…more likely to save his and making sure you didn’t screw things up! After all. You were  just a kid then, making a whopping couple of grand a year for your law enforcement efforts. A real rookie. Didn’t seem fair to you. Doing all their dirty work. You needed more. “Your man in Atlanta” needed help. You needed money. It was a perfect fit. Too bad Jessica had to gum things up. The pregnancy… the attempted suicide. It presented a problem. But when she told Charley and Roxanne? Whew… that really screwed things up for you and your friends. Why?

Because unlike you- they had plans- big plans! You can’t get to New  Hampshire with that kind of crap hanging on your tail. Think how bad it would sound in the press?


Noooooo… you and your attorney were right. Things had gotten way out of hand. Sex was one thing, porn quite another–but having her go public with everything on tape like that? Eeeeeeeew…ouch! What would the wife think? What would the headlines say? High ranking officials tied to porn films and murdered hookers? Golly! Wouldn’t Hollywood love that kind of story? In fact…they do!



Have a swell day, Grim.



You were right about being in the movie! Another psychic has confirmed it. Get ready for your close up, Mr. Reaper! Oh… and don’t worry about make-up for that silly old scar from Roxanne under your eye. Those folks in Hollywood will make sure it stands out enough to be seen on film. And even if they don’t? Don’t worry- I will. I’d hate for you not to get the credit you so richly deserve! I promised Roxanne I would do everything I could to help you with that. She wants to make sure you look your best for her murder scene. You, Mr. Muddy Boots, the MOT and the other man- the 4th in flannel. She’s having a little trouble with her lines. It’s hard you know- speaking with a broken neck… but I promised to hep her through it. Who would have ever thought such small town folks could make it so big! Golly, Mr. Reaper… can I get your autograph? Oh wait. That’s ok. I already have some of your handwriting on a map you drew for me once. That will have to do for now.


I know your anxious for all this to come out before you die, so I’m working real hard on editing the book and promise to get right on the screenplay as soon as I am finished!

Isn’t this exciting?

3 Responses to “Isn’t this exciting?”

  1. julie Says:

    Although it is still technically summer, I always feel a chill in the air that reminds me of the late summer/early fall of 1966. My 6th birthday was 46 years ago today and I had quite the party that my dad was very much a part of. Soon after, my family fell apart and I never fully recovered. It has been a long 46 years but the truth is finally coming out! I have slept better the last couple of years because I know who my dad was and what he stood for. Thank you TA for the best birthday gift ever!

  2. Bonnie Says:

    Thank you God for finally answering the prayers we have all prayed for this family.

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