So… what would it take?


So… what does it take?

What does it take for a human to learn a lesson?

It takes something of value and merit to be weighed against the immediacy of want and ego. It takes the real and impending loss of something weighed against the gain of something else.

It takes timing.

It takes vision and courage… or stupidity and myopic greed to give away something of value for something of shadowed worth.

What have you weighed of late?

Have you weighed the value of your family against the value of an individual?

The truth against a lie?
A life against a death?

I ask you Grim. What have you weighed lately?

The valor of a falsehood against the bitterroot of truth?

The days are becoming cooler. Roxanne is restless. Jessica is tired of the summer of her discontent…the MOT now waits in the wings to come forward with more information.  The anniversary of Charley’s death is ever so close…only 16 days.

We begin the countdown…

By the way?

What did you do with your bloody shirt that night? You know the one that had Charley’s blood all over your sleeve? Remember? You tried to wipe his face, just before you tried to pry his wedding ring from his hand. Funny how that sucker wouldn’t come off. Guess that’s why G needed to put the two pennies in the casket. You know- play the game. Pretend they were wedding rings. Hah!

But back to the shirt, Grim.

Did you burn it…keep it like the tear in your hat– as a souvenir?  Did you get a chance to go home and take a bath like the other one? You know, you really freaked him out. He never thought you and the man from Atlanta would have the __________ to go through with things. But hey- the shooter was a crazy mo-fo anyway. He was always up for a good game of Russian roulette and you had no choice. Charley knew about Jessica…knew about the porn…knew about you!

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