“If you murdered once…”


Yesterday I started to write a blog… far different from the one you are about to read. Why? Because it was full of the frivolous things we think and feel in down times of our chaos… and I have a mission.

This morning I asked why there seems to be such a delay in this matter. The answer came back, “use this time wisely- the delay is a blessing in disguise.”  And so, I will bide my time and heed its caution. A two day internet snag and disconnect provide the necessary time to complete the edits and now must be transferred to the electronic copy before the manuscript heads its way off to the agent again.

I am not ungrateful for the long process. Occasionally I simply become disillusioned that the calendar reflects now just shy of four years of my life being dedicated to this cause- and still I wait for word of resolution. I hate it when Charley seems to go silent. I know I have chores to do and that it would be fools folly to continue everything at such a breakneck speed all the time, but I grow impatient.

And when I become impatient, I become emboldened. That is not a good thing for me- or for Grim. You see, when I become impatient–I write things, I say things. I tell the world about Grim’s secrets and I know it gets him riled. I begin to question things, like…

How much blood money does it take to build a new fine house for your honey-bunny?

Wow! New car…new house! Buying loyalties, Grim?

You see…over a year ago, R was shown Grim moving money around. Not like from savings to checking…I’m talking–BIG-BIG– money. You got scared, huh? You started to shuffle things around a bit so you wouldn’t look like such a target? Einstein too!

But Grim…

You said… wait till my so called ‘rich’ relative dies. Then I can pretend to use that money–not the real money I made off of Charley’s death—to build houses and buy cars. My wife will buy that, won’t she? Well at least you hope nobody will be the wiser. But you forgot about the black night club owner. You know- the ‘Bugman’? I like to call him that because he sold “bug” tickets back then. Yeah, he’s still pissed. He watched you take the money from G. He saw you from the bushes that night. You double-crossed him. Not a good idea, Grim. He is haunted by your betrayal, just as he will now haunt you in his.

What else does this man know? What else does this man wish to share from the other side?

Right now he is caught up in his death, but R and I can help him move forward from that—help him on his way to healing. So, how much money did you get, Grim? I know it was a healthy chunk- but was it enough? Or, was it you who got the raw diamonds along with G? You know…the diamonds and the one ruby? I’m thinking G probably scarfed the red ruby- it’s a girl thing! Her kin probably have that sitting in a ring they inherited right now. But all the diamonds?  They’re such a good investment, ya know. Damn near untraceable…easy to exchange for cash. Guess diamonds are a boys best friend too- eh, Grim? Did you give one to your wife? You know… a present for your sweetie-pie? She’s a nice lady I hear. Too bad she’s going to be so disappointed in you. And what about your grandbabies? Yikes…sucks when you make such stupid mistakes as a young man. How old were you then? Oh… maybe I shouldn’t say. Might make it easier for folks to figure out who you are and that wouldn’t be cool. I want to surprise them when the book comes out. How exciting!!

So, back to the money trail. We already know that most of it went to the so-called, “puppet-master.” You know? #432?

But who paid the big bucks to get them all wiped out within a 18 days? The high ranking officials who had their eyes on the bigber prize? A little hard to pay everyone off and still do the do, huh? Hmmm…..so, let’s think for a minute. One of the top dogs is still about.  Guess I need to tap that resource, don’t I?

But who else is left? Your dear old county king? Nope…he went to jail and died decades ago and his second ended up at the bottom of a bottle and then died as well. How about the leading lady of the night who betrayed Charley and set him up for slaughter? Nope… even though she slept with half the law, she eventually died too.

So who’s left?

How about the shooter? He hung in there for quite awhile before he allegedly played another game of _______________, or was it somebody else who played that game for him? Anyway, he eventually died too. Still, what about the man who saw you with Rox? Nope- dead too. Not before he talked of course, but… that would be telling tales out of school!

Now let me see.

So far we are down to just a few left alive who can still call you out. Wait! I forgot someone…what about your cohort in the runaway hooch on the rails? You know- the man who used to be kinda pudgy? Remember? The one who also skimmed from the profits and helped you keep the rails safe to run the moonshine up towards LaGrange way?  You know- the guy who had a real thing for G’s long legs?  Yea-that guy…he’s still alive! So, is he nervous? Guess he should be, huh? Anybody who knew you is probably scared half out of their wits right now! After all–who wants to wear DEPENDS in prison? LOLZ! I’d pay big money to watch that!!! Then of course there is the farmer in the dell. Well, old or not…we all know how nervous he must be!

Golly, ya know… I feel so much better knowing there are still so many left who know everything and can still rat you out. You know, maybe this stream of conscious writing thing isn’t so bad after all? I feel so much happier than when I started this blog. So, now that everybody knows who the key players left are- if they suddenly go missing? They will IMMEDIATELY be looking at you! Well, you and Mr. Einstein of course…after all, you know what they say?

“If you murdered once…you could do it again!”

But, Grim? I wouldn’t try. Someone…or lots of someones’ just might be watching!

Have a swell day!

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