Jessica was everywhere…

9/29/2012 @ 9:00 PM

There is something afoot in the cosmos. Why?

Because everywhere I went today…people kept using the name Jessica and the name S__________. Jessica this, Jessica that.

Today, Jessica was everywhere.

What do you wish to tell me, my dear Jessica? I am here for you… waiting… listening. Just find R and let her now what you want to tell me. Is it about the man with the anchor tattoo? Or about the barbed wire about your ankles?

Maybe its about the two toned car and all those men grabbing at you in the back seat? What is Dalton, Ga. to you? Is that where they took you for a ride? Just before the shovel… the bloody shovel and the compass?

Talk to me Jessica…talk to me!


Only 10 days till Charley’s Anniversary. Give it up, Grim. I received a message today. Rumor has it there are many people now who suspect that it’s true– you know–how you got that scar under your left eye. They know Roaxanne gave it to you…fighting you off, just before you helped strangle her and snapped her neck.  You helped throw her in the lake by the tree, remember? R saw the swirling lights of your car. Would you like me to tell them what lake and what your, ‘call#’ was?  Her anniversary is coming up too. October 7th, isn’t it? Or is it the 12th? I get so confused. So many bodies, so much water.


Getting a little too hot for you, Grim?

Rumor has it, Hell is a lot hotter than this!


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