Do you know which lake it was?


For you Roxanne…

Just like October 7, 1966 the weather has turned cool. I have a pot of soup going and corn muffins baking in the oven as I write. The cottage on the lake is wonderfully appointed for fall and I sit here, happy as a clam at my desk in oversized shirt and lounge pants. Could it get any better? Yes…if Grim would be brave enough to call me…I would answer and discuss the best way for him to give himself up. He may not call today, but I am a patient woman, so I can wait a bit longer for him to come to his senses. You see- I know something he doesn’t know I know yet!

Yesterday I wrote that a secret would be revealed to me. Later in the afternoon my ‘angel song’ came on the radio and I knew something was going to happen. My

Angel song’ is Adam Lambert’s, “What Do You Want From Me?” and this morning when I got a call from my favorite area code…229… Suddenly I knew exactly what the universe wanted from me today.

So, what does the universe want from me today? Hmmmm… you know I love you dear readers, but there are some things I need to keep to myself right now- you understand. You see, today is Rox’s anniversary. Forty-seven years ago tonight, Roxanne would have lay down with a man from the ‘4 in flannel’ and while lying next to him made a terrible mistake. She asked a question that sealed her doom.

The next thing you now, she is being dragged from the ______________ to the tree where they take turns screaming at her- hitting and kicking her. The MOT does not join in, but he is paralyzed and does not stop them either. One last time the little blonde hooker will get hers. They laugh at her. Grim reaches for her throat and she grabs his face with her fingernails, trying to fight him off. This is where his scar comes from that night. The scar just under his left eye, partially hidden now by thick rimmed glasses. His hands are on her throat- but what’s this? A game of chance is suggested, but to be fair- they toss a coin to see who gets to take her completely out. The MOT refuses to join in, but they can’t allow this. He must be part of it, or they can’t blackmail him further. His hands must be at her throat too- so they force him to place his hands on her. Then, together they apply pressure. She struggles, but with all those hands and the weight of the men atop her- there is little she can do. She squirms beneath their weight until the last few wisps of air escape her blue lips into the Valdostan night. They stand back and smile. Einstein has made a mess in his pants- but he likes this. He is a sexual deviant.

They spend a moment staring at their handiwork… but there is a boat in one of the other ponds they did not realize was there. The man in the boat heard things… saw things. Quickly they toss the body in one of the upper ponds and steal their way away in the dark of night. Grim is nervous. He does not know what lie he should tell his wife to cover the gash that now lies beneath his glasses.

Think back dear woman…what lie did he tell you that night? A gash under his left eye? He couldn’t explain it then- can he explain it now?

Tonight, bruised and battered, the young blonde Roxanne will walk the shores of that little lake and say once again…the “4 in flannel” were there with me! They had their way with me, then held me down while the pipe smoker did the final deed. Three sets of hands were on her throat as the MOT watched.

Do you know which lake it was?

I do.

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