Charley shows her seven lines…



Today is Charley’s day and I promised myself I will not mourn his death; rather, I will celebrate his life and ponder his words.


Already today he has spoken with R and given me a message. As I sat there at my writing desk and looked lovingly upon his 8×10…my phone beeped with a text just as I blew him a kiss. It was from R.


‘Charley is here with roses for you. He shows me lines- there are 7 of them. He draws four lines, then runs the fifth diagonally through them… then produces two more lines. December 12th is significant…’ and there was more.


Do you understand the number of lines? Before Sunday I might not have caught his drift so quickly, but after my information on Sunday… absolutely! Do you understand the number of lines?


They are the number of victims! Let’s see…who knew everything and had to be removed from the equation of life?

Count with me, can you Grim?

#1: Jessica

#2: Charley

#3: Roxanne

#4: The MOT

#5: Mr. Bugman

And who might number six be?

#6: The man who was killed by the train! (I have been chasing his legacy for 2 and1/2 years.)


Now I just have to identify the 7th victim.

Can you help me Valdosta?


On this 46th Anniversary of your murder, I ask that the angels fly you through this night unscathed and that you live through my words to teach others the art of divine forgiveness. With a lighter heart, I offer a kiss for your cheek, a smile for your patience with me and a hug for your pain- I wish you peace.


For you my dear Charley… and for Julie.

With love,


One Response to “Charley shows her seven lines…”

  1. Julie Says:

    I miss my dad and wonder what my life would be had he lived. My heart breaks for what my mother felt 46 years ago. That being said, thank you TA for bringing me the peace I never thought I would have. Justice will be served. If not in this life, I know for sure in the next. Rest in peace mom and dad.

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