One of you has stepped forward…


Oh my dear readers!

Thank you, thank you!

One of you has stepped forward and finally given me one of the best clues ever!!!! Do you remember back when we first talked about Jessica? Jessica who was murdered early on in this case? Do you remember how certain people would come into town and request her audience? Certain people who would shock you, if you knew? Well… one thing that kept coming through was how this all went down.

How did Gentleman (and I use that term loosely) get his hands on her?

How did Jessica get to the, ‘love shack’ to meet up with her mystery date?

Well… the man with the scar and glasses used to get a phone call. Next, he would pass a slip of paper that had the name of this mystery man…S_________ written on it to another man to go get her.

Who was this man? The man who would go and pick Jessica up and deliver her like pizza to the man waiting for sex at the house at the end of the long sandy driveway?

Until now, I had only a handful of clues and did not know…but thanks to you Valdosta– I now have my answer. This man who drove the cute little red sports car and delivered Jessica like pizza was law enforcement too!

Oh happy days, Charley! And thank you Jessica!! Thank you!

Thanks you for prompting someone’s memory and for having the courage to speak up. How many more of you know things, you don’t know you know??

Getting a little too hot for you now, isn’t it Grim? Perhaps I should buy a fan to send along with that package of DEPENDS I’ve been holding on to for you.

To quote a wonderful character from the production I am now producing… “Wanna play with a little fire, Scarecrow?”

(Insert maniacal laugh here.)

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