Promise to live a long, long time for me…


Dear Readers,

Some of you are younger and some of you are a bit older…like me and you might remember the more nostalgic beginnings of television. So here goes.

Do you remember a cartoon that used to start with a character that would begin the show in a creepy cartoon voice by saying…

“Eennie weenie… chili beanie… the spirits are about to speak!”?

Well… they have!

Grim, another box of DEPENDS is on its way to you! I have found another person who has called you out. Some one who has always suspected you had your hands in this. They asked if it was true and I…well, I just thought they deserved to know the truth, so I told them! Hope you don’t mind.

But here’s the rub. It won’t do us any good if you die young so do me a favor. Eat right, get plenty of sleep, walk a mile everyday, watch your weight and take a vitamin every night! I need you to promise to live a long, long time for me. That way we can be pen pals when you get to prison!

Oh… and tell the gang who helped you work the drugs and guns out there at the Ga/Fla border- along with the trains carrying illegal hooch a big warm hello for me! Sorry… darn I forgot. Most of them are dead. Still, some folks remember stuff so all is not lost. Anyway, let me ask you this. Do you remember which one is it that you helped onto the tracks. (metaphorically speaking) You know, the one that they called, the scapegoat? Try to think back. You know- he knew too much and so…

Oh never mind. I know your busy crapping in your shorts right now, so I’ll just get that info from another source and get back to ya to confirm!

Have an awesome day, Grim and say Hi to the others for me, will ya? I know they’re all just dying to see how this all turns out. Just tell them not to do it too soon. Tootles!

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