Do you know?


Yesterday was amazing…

G came through and had much to say. Again with the date of December 12th which I find intriguing. Why? Look at this…12/12/12. Numerology baby! Check out the significance.

Just the same she was very abrasive and got in R’s face about two things: the letter T and the car. What car? Well, a car of a certain someone who she needed me to know about. This man drove a car- a Thunderbird to be exact. It was white and silver, or white or silver and had a line that went down the side. A panel or a stripe of molding per say that may have separated the two colors.

She was also adamant about the letter, “T” instructing that I was either missing a T or that I had added an extra one to something.  Seeing as I had been talking about the MOT that very afternoon… R and I thought perhaps she was referring to him. In which case, removing a T would make this man’s name or nickname to be MO.

So who is this MO who drove a white or silver Thunderbird and had a connection to G and the girls?

Take that clue and place it with Jessica’s recollection of the big boxy white or silver car  in Dalton that had to do with the man who had the wrinkled tattoo of the anchor on his forearm as he held her down and we have a better composite of who he might have been. Someone who travelled between Atlanta, Dalton and Valdosta…someone who new G, the girls and the rest of the gang.

When I asked about who this man might be… the answer I received was incredible. So who was this man who drove a T-bird and went by the name of MO and had access to the 4 in flannel, the others and the dead girls in 1966?

Do you know?

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