I tried to spend…


I tried to spend most of the weekend outside my head in an effort to reconnect with why I do what I do- what I think-what I understand and what I don’t. It took an entire weekend to decipher.

Somebody asked me a few questions last week that made me stop and think.

What if nobody ever goes to prison for what they have done? What then?

Well… then nobody goes to prison.

Are you ok with that?

No…not really. But I am not judge…or jury.

Will everything you have done be for naught?

No… there will be the book. It will speak truths a jury may never get to hear.

What if the 4 in flannel get away with it?

How can they? In life there will always be the book… in death there will always be God.

Will you be hurt if the truth gets buried beneath lies and alibis?

People will know the difference. Those that know will need no further proof. Those that can only guess will keep the questions going.

How do you know?

Because there is no statute of limitations on death in the state of Georgia-someone will prosecute- someone will listen- someone will decide.  Somebody in the law will see that Charley has a right to have his epitaph rewritten.

Again… how do you know?


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