How many have information?



I felt the need to connect today. So many hours have come between what I wish to say and what can be said. It has been an uneasy couple of weeks for me. School continues to eat every waking second not spent in work…a deer decided to end his life by injuring mine. My dear car took the brunt of the impact and now sits miles away waiting for restoration. I amble and limp here and there when bruises contact something other than denim… but I am fine. This reminded me of several others calls for accidents… a sort of signal for the Armageddon of this case. How is your driving of late Grim?

The other night I had a most incredible vision while in slumber’s care. I will keep it to myself for now as I am still trying to process what was shown… but humbled and grateful, none the less.

I worry some days that the wane of information has sent you all back to your lives- away from Charley, away from the girls who wait patiently for their discovery. I worry that you come to feel that all this was for show and not for conviction. Know that 46 years is a long time to overcome and there are those who have information yet that have not come forward. Without placing them in jeopardy, let’s think about our key players and their long reach. How many have information that sit with metaphorical tape across their mouths- fearful that these people yet can kill?  Will it make you feel better to know that my eyes are upon them? Will it help you loosen your tongues and grant stability to your feet to stand against them?

It is no longer fashionable to be brutish- to kill- to rape- to abuse those who felt incapable of defense. What kind of men were they, that young women and older heavy men became their prey? What kind of valor does it take to strangle a young girl you have just violated? What kind of man beats another for information and leaves them to die in a hotel room that they can watch from across the way? What type of law endorses the removal of evidence, falsification of records and the bastardization of the truth? Local law? State law? Federal law?  What kind of judge defies his oath and obstructs justice to keep his personal sins from becoming public?

Interesting isn’t it?

Who uses diamonds as currency? What woman trades her body for payment and power?

Not everyone from 1966 is dead in Valdosta…not every one is silent…not everyone is afraid to speak. I have but 2 issues I must resolve.

I need to talk to railroad folks to help me with one. The other? Well, that has been promised to be answered with the signing of a check. A signature will give me the answer to my greatest question. I eagerly await the sale of a property and the authorization of the profits!

Today I begin to check my mail. Maybe this is what Charley meant when he said, “Open the white envelope… open it!”

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