Who in that town…


The stars have revealed that March is a month in which a secret will be revealed to me. Therefore, I put out this warning…if it is what I think it is? Everything and everyone is fair game and back on the table and the book may have one more chapter before it goes to print, than it has now!

I have waited a very long time for this information…

Think dear readers… who have I yet to identify? Let that be your guide and your warning!

The weather bites with bitter winds…so does the truth. Who has escaped the dangling noose? Who has left others to bear the weight of their collective deed? And why on earth would Grim and Mr. Muddy Boots not be rushing the steps of the courthouse to proclaim him as the key to the triad?

Think…the shooter cannot clean his hands of the endless blood that drips from his fingertips.

G shrieks from behind the gates of a cemetery.

The MOT prefers his game of golf in the flesh and his insurance buddy refuses to give him up.

Roxanne and Jessica are now ready to name their killers.

Boots and Grim now buy DEPENDS in bulk and the Farmer in the dell picks his brain to remember what he carried in that silver lunch box of his, who saw it and what was hidden inside that will give it all away? Yes, farmer. Someone saw what was inside that lunch box earlier that day. Be brave now. Stand up and tell what you know. I already am aware that you saw it- simply find me and I will help you through this. The bottom line is, you can tell me now where I can help you…or you can try to defend why you withheld information later. The choice is yours. It is not my job to judge- just to present what I have found. Ignorance and youth no longer provide you with the same shelter as they did 46 years ago. Wrong is wrong and you know what you saw in that lunch box was wrong.

They show R the lights turn on and off- questions-questions-questions for all those who remain. Who will turn a cheek? Who will cave and give the others away? Who will finally realize they have run out of time?

Imagine this… the Internet serves how many millions? It is easy to remain anonymous in such a large ocean of people, but in the tiny fish bowl of the town you live in? Think…shopping for groceries and paying your bills will never be the same. They will realize where you live…what you have done…who has been taken from them. Do you really think your life will remain the same once the book comes out?

Make the call… write the letter. I am here- waiting for you to do the right thing before I can no longer frame it for you in the light of redemption.

Who in that town will finally tell the truth about what happened to Charley that night on the Clyattville-Nankin   Road?

The answers are coming Valdosta- the answers are coming.

Patience, patience my friends…time will serve us well.

Reach out, Grim.

You know we know each other… for we have already met! Remember, R saw the black roses and I saw the Grim Reaper prepare his sickle. One of the four in flannel has numbered days…time to confess…time to confess.

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