So, ready…set?


Yesterday I finally found Maxwell House Coffee Singles…have been without them for over a year. Everywhere I shop- only Folgers or private label brand. I was so excited, I bought three boxes so I wouldn’t run out for a while.

Maxwell House Coffee Singles…Maxwell House Coffee… Maxwell House…Maxwell.

Maxwell. Do you remember what that means?

Somewhere only Charley, R and I know is a Maxwell House Coffee can filled with something that would– as Grim once told me, “Blow this county wide open!”

You know what I’m talking about Grim. See, you didn’t destroy all of them.  Charley was never as stupid as you thought. How’s your ticker doing there ole buddy? Chest getting a little tight? Heart pounding… head hurting? Go ahead Grim….say it! The word is, “OSTRICH” baby!

I’d hate to be you and Mr. Muddy Boots right now. Ya’ll have to be just crapping in your shorts on this one!

So, ready…set?

Now- smile big for the camera’s!!!

Say it with me Grim…

“I’m ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille!”

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