As for Charley…


It is darn near midnight and I have been working on homework for the better part of the day. It has been a strange week…hell, it’s been a strange month. Mercury is no longer retrograde and that makes me happy, but very tired. Things are in motion again, people in play and I await eagerly to see where it will all lead.

My job is very busy right now…I am in the midst of a production, finals and finishing the final revisions on the book. I have a few more major decisions to make before its publication, but am waiting to see what the calm will bring. Things are changing in every facet of my life it seems. I will be selecting a new assistant at work, polishing my final project for school, setting up for additional considerations for the book and waiting for legal guidance to specific issues before I can move forward. This is a time to quietly build and save energy. To consider options and prepare for the onslaught it will surely bring.

I also need to make a decision about summer school: To go ahead and commit or take the summer off for what may prove to be an eventful season with other pressing obligations. Right now I am leaning towards taking the time to rest, store energy and begin serious work on the next case. I have little time before I must commit either way, so…

As for Charley, he has been quiet of late until today. He came through with a message through somebody else and it gives me great joy to hear it. I have missed his words. Too much going on within my head with all the studies and drama to attend to prevents me from hearing what it is he is trying to say. The numbers have been fairly consistent warning of great change. Changes in relationships, habits…letting go of people and things that no longer serve or fit. I imagine I will be part of that equation for others as well and that is okay. To every season, as they say. People need to move on when they need to. While I am ready for the spring, I will not mind the rain tonight if it comes. I shall be tethered to my laptop for the next few days with homework and so the slight patter against the window will be welcomed accompaniment to my thoughts.

Soon, soon I shall be able to write purely for the sake of writing again. I do miss it so. Academics are rewarding, but not near as fulfilling. I need to breathe again in ink, to bleed within the margins of a page. Another adventure looms just beyond my reach and I am ready for what the cosmos sees fit to bring– it has been long in the making.  Tis the season of faith–the awakening of the soul… may I be worthy of  its introduction.

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