A great veil is being thinned…


I fear we have hit another cycle. Almost two years ago there was a cautionary alert that included the:  “In three days… in three days… in three days something will happen.” At that time they told me to look towards one of the folks involved with Charley’s death that night. That something would happen and an “A” association with potential cause of a medical crisis. At the time I had no idea what it meant. Three days later I was told about a person of interest’s medical crisis. The crisis began with an A.

A year ago on Easter break, I sat in a Thai restaurant in Covington, Georgia and listened to a small child ask her mother about the Grim Reaper. The woman told  the child, the Grim Reaper  was the figure of death. He is the dead spirit, dressed in a black cloak with red eyes and reeks of sulfur. The Grim Reaper is the harbinger of death. I recall later that night talking to R and telling her. She confirmed and was presented with the image of black roses  and a caution about one of the individuals involved in this case who would be nearing their end.

It has been now been a year and I have had several dark visitations of late I believe to be warning. In one, I was shown a room full of bloody bones, with the fleshy face of just one man buried amongst them. Apparently he was new to Hell and his decay and suffering just about to begin. Next I was shown to a stone walled room and seated at a wooden table. I was told to drink a solution from the bowl that looked like filthy grayish sewer water with great chunks of human waste. Naturally I refused and when I did- I was attacked by a creature who resembled what some might call a “watcher” or “nephilim.” Nephilim are fallen angels.

The impression of the creature made you think it was part human, but the facial features were not. Next I was immediately given the impression of the Grim Reaper-complete with hooded black cloak, the stench of sulfur and the deep reverberating voice that spoke telepathically- insisting again that I drink from the bowl of human decay.  Again I refused and the creature shown himself in full view. Even though I academically understood who it was, it was the stark features of the face  that stole my breath. When I turned to face it off, the  face was birdlike-black like a great crow or raven.  The nose, though made of flesh was very sharp and beak -like. The eyes? Best way to describe? Hollow- like when you see a bird on the side of the road or under a tree who has died. If you look where eyes would have been, you see only the sunken, thick gray film of an eyelid left to cover the empty orbitals. When I refused to drink of the bowl of waste for a third time- it took its great talons and jabbed them into my sides and then ripped the flesh from my rib cage and left me there to bleed.

I woke frightened and for days could not bring myself to speak of the dream or to search its meaning.

A great veil is being thinned between the two planes and images of both good and evil are now becoming more often- more clear- some frightening- some of great comfort as in the images of the Blessed Virgin.

Yesterday another message was received… the image of a long black car and then the  message, “In three days… in three days… in three days.” They say this passing will help with discovery of certain secrets which have been hidden from view. I spent the day pondering the ramifications.

Last night as I closed out my academic obligations for the spring, I decided to take the rest of the night off  and just relax. My husband and I often DVR many shows while I am in semester, so that I can catch up with them when the scholastic pressure is off. Last night he asked what shows I wanted to catch up on first…my choice? Obviously–Castle! With Pj’s in place and comfy blanket across my lap, my husband selected the most recent one I had missed and what do you think the theme of that episode ended up being? Now mind you…it was selected at random and we had no prior knowledge of its contents.

In the opening scene… it showed a woman alone in her apartment. Lights flicker on and off- she is on the phone- desperate for help and then…you hear a message that someone will die in three days. In fact; the entire episode was about a series of folks who were witnesses to a murder. Each received a series of evil images and then died- each exactly three days after the impressions.

Now, am I saying that I think the message was for me and I am in fear of death? No…but I do believe it was a confirmation for the three day equation and very much meant to warn of another’s ‘s potential final moments.

Remember- this case is 46 years old, so many of the players in this case are in their late seventies- and early to mid-eighties. I fear someone is in danger of going to their grave without confession. Someone else knows they have not been truthful. Someone knows what they carried with them that day- that they harmed Charley- that what they did was not right and seen by others. Somebody close to them knows their secret.

The last time the cosmos warned, “In three days…” someone suffered a medical crisis exactly after three days. I fear that same person shall suffer something greater this time–eternal silence. Make peace with your maker- make peace with your family- make peace with the truth.

Set your houses in order.  Confess… make the call today. Those who remain faithful to this blog may understand…make the call.

I can do no more than set forth the images seen, the impressions felt.

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