Three blind mice…


Happy Easter!

Pay attention to the numerology in today’s date- it is important. Aside from the splendor of this religious holiday and the sacred meaning of the rising of our Lord…think about the significance of such a feat in your own lives.

We live, we learn, we love, we die and we rise again in another plane meant for reward and application of all the lessons we have learned while corporeal in this world. This is the joy of Easter; this is the reason for our existence- to learn.

What  I pray for today is peace…peace of mind… peace of heart and stillness within the quiet center of your souls. On a lighter side; I also pray for chocolate and jelly beans, but that is something I can take care of myself!

As for this case, I have many wishes- but wishing doesn’t get the job done, so there will be more work. The bell soon tolls for one individual ascribed to this case and I cannot for the life of me feel compassion for a soul who has carried upon his heart such deeds as have been committed. If I am right, this soul has lived a comfortable life since then. Again, under the sham of honor and respectability that many see as their birthright. So little time left. Please- someone have the bravery to ask they speak the truth. Now quick before the final breath, before the last thought- before the gates of heaven close before them. I pray they may they learn to speak the truth and not die with a lie upon their lips. This is my wish, but that is their choice. May they be smart enough to do the right thing.

When it is all said and done…and the dust of grief settled, may their offspring right their wrongs for them. You know who I am talking about. Think back to that day…

What was in the silver lunch box that did not make sense?

Why was Charley’s widow not allowed to see his body at the morgue?

What wounds were covered with morgue make-up before the widow could see?

Why did they keep his body from her eyes for 72 hours?

Because they were trying to spare her the final image? Or, because they were trying to hide something from her?

Now…think again.

What did you see in that silver lunch box that day, that could have been the cause for this? What strange object was within that you did not understand? What could have caused odd serrations upon Charley’s arms in the last hours of his life, that he later obsessed about in death? What lacerations could not afford to be seen in those first few hours of the investigation? Now think about all those that signed off on his death certificate. Those who were supposedly interviewed at the scene and after? Were these reputable men? Who else was privy? Who spoke for  the young unfortunate  innocents placed there by design?

The investigation into Charley’s death lasted only 18 days. My dear readers-milk has a longer shelf life. So think- what was in the silver lunch box that holds the key to the first final moments in Charley’s life? The moment when Charley knew things were going down horribly wrong?

Now, think about cheese. What are the words to that old favorite childhood song you liked to sing, Grim?

The farmer in the dell, the farmer in the dell- hi, ho the merry-oh! The farmer in the dell?

Or is it?

Three blind mice, three blind mice. See how they run, see how they run?


The countdown has begun. And then there were three…


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