Painted on the side…


I continue to wait with baited breath.

Yesterday while sitting at a stop light, I asked the universe about its recent disclosure regarding the long black car and the funeral procession images.

The answer came back swiftly.

Just before the light changed, a sedan entered the intersection and then stalled midway, waiting on another car to make its turn. As I looked up, I saw something I could not believe. Having just posed the question about the information received on Good Friday – the car slowly moved closer  to the middle of the intersection and stalled again- waiting on another car.  It sat there long enough for me to see it in full view… the light turned yellow and it lurched its way through the rest of the turn and sped away.

Painted on the side of its gray door were large white letters that formed the words: GRAVE DIGGER.

Like R says, “You couldn’t make this stuff up if you wanted to!”

Tis the season of repentance… take advantage of it.

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