Ok, so there was a car…


The numerology is this day is phenomenal: 11-11-13.  The number 11 is a master number in numerology and extremely symbolic. Also, yesterday I heard my angel song at exactly 3:33PM and so knew that things were about to ramp up. Remember, the other day I told you things felt like they were brewing, though obviously I cannot share anything just yet with you. But I can tell you, there was something rather significant that became revealed to me this weekend. Ironically, it came another retired law officer completely unrelated to this case,  as I have already begun interviews for my next book about the Dixie Mafia and we were speaking about the through-line for that book….but I digress.

Ok… so back to Charley. Information suggests there was a car, at what I like to call- “the exchange” the night of Charley’s murder. Those of you , in the know will understand. Those of you not- please go buy the book! Back to Charley…So there was a car which had a license plate number of particular interest to me, because it carried certain people…certain things…certain…alibis.

Since I had some files with me at this interview- I shared a few things with this other person; including a photo. Now,  what was interesting about the one I showed him, became a huge clue to help me solve the riddle about another one. For that, I am extremely grateful!

Riddle me this:

So what was the population in Lowndes County in 1966?

Guess what that number is…and you still won’t guess why it is so very important!

Do you know, Grim?


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