Something is brewing…


Something is brewing…can you feel it? After weeks and months of delay, things are finally breaking loose- including people’s lips. What’s that you say? You knew about this and you didn’t tell? What else do you know about that night and those people? What do you now about February 12th that  you didn’t share…and did they know you knew?

Whispers and rumors like the wind, rustle amongst the decay of dying leaves and Grim’s endless lies about his involvement in this case. Things are starting to unravel for you, Grim. I will be releasing the book trailer to the public in a day or two; here on this web site and perhaps an ad in a selective paper or two. What will you do then? Where will you hide?

Until then- think about this…

The other day I was driving down a beautiful road. The wind had a small bite to it- the sun glorious and a monstrous gathering of crows began to fill the skies before me. Suddenly what was a panoramic tapestry of blues, golds, rust and greens became obliterated by a huge swarm of black feathers which darted here and there before settling and congregating in mass on telephone wires, trees and building tops. It was amazing and most haunting-all  at the same time. That day I learned that a large gathering of crows is called, a “MURDER.”

How appropriate…Crows are messengers…Crows are watchers…Crows are Nephilim.

One such crow is Grim.

A group of crows would be the four in flannel.

Ahhhh, so a gathering of crows and a gathering of  the four in flannel really do mean the same thing= MURDER!

Remember what R said- remember the message from Roxanne about the scratching the eyes of the Crow. Watch for the scar under his left eye…it will tell you everything you need to know!

Have a good day, Grim…if you can.

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