Because I have…


So, as I begin to walk towards the outline of the next book, I noticed there have been several encouraging messages from my guides coming through of late that I wished to share with you. One of them was. “More promises fulfilled…” and there have been, so thank you. The promises have been both spiritual and material- some in the form of information- some of a more mysterious nature.

On Friday morning last as I was driving into to work; I suddenly had the vision of gray ropes that looked more like veins or thick grayed cords resembling umbilical cords being violently cut away from me- but not with surgically sharp precision, as if by scalpel or razor. What I saw was…almost primitive mangling of these things. Some great force was behind the object of destruction. I watched as a blunt material literally ripped through the casing of several tethers. The void of blood and grayed matter sprayed and exploded in every direction… the ends began flailing apart with shredded and ragged edges. It was a very disturbing sight and yet, I had no fear of what I was seeing. Several minutes went by and I dealt with the confusion of what had been shown, by saying a small prayer this was not portending a medical issue for myself or anyone I loved. I dismissed it as early morning caffeine deficiency and then went about the rest of my day and forgot all about it.

In truth, I did not understand what I was being shown and because I could not find a rational segue–dismissed it as brain fog and wild imagination. I did some research on Abraham Hicks and learned that in order to process information; first you must ask for it. The source will respond and then when you are more aligned and away from the moment of asking…you get the information back in a form that makes more sense to you.

Twenty -four hours later, seeking guidance and in a better alignment-I happened upon a tarot reading that talked about the events of the week. In this reading, it talked about Archangel Michael using an ax, instead of his sword to cut and smash through  the cords of negativity attached to my spirit that kept me bound to negativity- reducing my ability to receive more information. To things that bound me to a past or person who no longer served my purpose, or the greater good of this situation. It was remarkable in that, the vision of what I had been shown- was exactly what was being told. The violent destruction of cords that bind us to places, things, memories and relationships that keep us from moving forward, were being destroyed- allowing me to move forward and release what no longer serves me or those I wish to help.

In awe, I have been in quiet thought- grateful for what has been shared…asking for greater guidance… greater intuition and psychic ability in order to be of greater service to those who come to me for help regarding this work. I continue to repeat the mantra- because I have been given more, I can share more and help others move further along their path.

Begin your holidays celebrating what you have, what you know the universe has already supplied to you and learn to “Believe, before you see…,” not after. Like a child, find the magic and the ability to manifest what is is you desire- be grateful for it, before it arrives in the physical and then watch as the universe finds wonderful and creatively unique ways to bring your future into the present. Remember, serve others, do what you love and the money will follow.

You already have all the love and resources available to you… you simply need to learn how to tap into what is already supplied to you through Source and be grateful for your gifts in advance of their arrival.

In that vein–I am grateful for the resolution to this case and for the books that are being prepared for distribution. Because I have been given a gift and the informational resources to do more- I can be more for those who need what it is I have to offer. Because the universe and Charley believed in me before I believed in myself- I was able to help provide segue for his release. I now offer such resources to others.

Be well… be positive and be grateful.

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