So little time…


So little time left before 12/12 and the numerical significance of such. In numerology the number 12 signifies completion… the whole or the plentitude of a thing or an event. It is the 10 which signifies the Alpha and the Omega, plus 2. It is the four corners of the universe- all points of a horizon.

The numbers have been in abundance of late. So many of the 555 and the 999’s which signal great change and transformations… then ending of chapters in our lives. This moment in time leaves us standing above the precipice of what is about to be… of what we yearn… of what we strive for and wish for ourselves.  This December has been intense. Darn near as intense as the rest of this year has been and while I can almost feel the tensions build for one last hurrah before this month leaves us and we are on about another path…I must remind myself that this year has brought so many things to light that I should be proud of. The book is written, the book trailer on the net and the case still building. I have accomplished many things and look forward to other things waiting in the wings.

Take a moment and take stock of where you are this day. Have you accomplished the bigger wishes or tasks you set out for yourself at the beginning of the year? Have you accomplished or surprised yourself with a hundred smaller things you never thought you could achieve? Take a moment and breathe. Pat yourself on the back for what you have been able to achieve- weigh what is let and see if they are still as important to you as they seemed 12 months ago. If they are… make plans for January to get back at them- if not…understand that they are no longer something you aspire to and replace them with things or goals that more clearly reflect who you have become this year. Do not be too hard on yourself- instead, be fair.

Dream big!

Look at the stars tonight and make a wish that in the 12- 12 of your life you have moved from where you where to someplace even better… in your mind, in your heart, in your spirit and let the universe worry about  helping you with the rest. Speak your intentions clearly and do not limit yourself. Speak in generalities and let the universe hash out the details. Do not limit yourself by limiting the universe. The universe knows the best and most efficient way to bring you what it is you need. Remember- the universe doesn’t always bring you what you want- it brings you what you believe. So believe in yourself- believe that this is the year you find your divine purpose- that you discover the truth of who you are and what it is you are meant to do upon this plane.

Think what it is you can do to serve the greater good while serving the glory of who you are.

As for Charley? He wants to thank you for bringing his plight out into the open. The more you read- the more you talk- the more books begin to flood the streets of your town – the more the truth of what happened that night comes to light.

Buy the book for somebody this Christmas. They will get a great read- and WE may find a better witness! You never know what people know…so get out there and start a conversation with a stranger!

“Have you heard about…. the book?”



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