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A mission for you!

Spread the word about the book, Valdosta! We are so close to bringing  this message to a fevered pitch, with the ever building momentum of your intentions to bring this man justice… a momentum that cannot be turned around- or hidden by those who would wish to keep the knowledge of the conspiracy surrounding Charley’s death quiet! As an investigative author, I have done the best I could to pry open the rusted lid of this case and throw the guts of what I believed happened  to Charley Covington on the night of October 9, 1966 out into the world– but it will be you Valdosta, that brings this case back into the focus of law enforcement!

Today, all of Athens, Georgia’s readers will wake to this article: http://onlineathens.com/oconee/2013-12-13/watkinsville-author-writes-book-death-federal-agent-valdosta

So where do you stand Valdosta? Where is your public acknowledgement of this man’s tragedy? The time for silence or whispered reverence is waning. Let’s bring this case into the bright light of day and let your city officials and the ATF know that avoidance of this case and its secrecy is no longer an acceptable form of applying justice for the man or his family. A declaration of suicide is a lie. You should demand the truth from the past and acknowledgment from the present, by those who have the power to correct this travesty.

So, as you sit comfy and cozy before your collective Christmas trees the next few weeks my dear, Valdostans…watch and savor your emotions as the twinkling of lights and the glitter of ornaments of old flood your heart and mind with memories of Christmas’s past…remember dear friends, that another family was denied the opportunity to make such precious memories.

Do not forget the children of Charley, my dear friends. Children who were victimized as well by the greed and debauchery of others in this unlawful massacre. Think about the 47 Christmas’s denied this father…the 47 Christmas’s denied these children- now grown and 47 years away from that very bloody and eternally ‘Silent Night.’

Think about that as you buy your gifts and drink your holiday cheer.

Call or write your local news papers- your local and regional law agencies- ask that they begin the New Year with a keener eye to the Covington case and bring legal and emotional closure and dignity to this man and his family. There are those still alive that participated in his death and the extensive conspiracy to hide it after the fact. What about Jessica and Roxanne? How many other daughters went missing…how many others found their death at the hands of these few?

Maybe a billboard, eh Valdosta? I can post the link for the book cover right here. Anybody want to bring Charley a huge Christmas present this year? Feel free to contact me at this web site contact center and together we can slap that sucker on a billboard the size of this 47 year old lie and let the chips fall where they will.

Tomorrow… maybe I will share the beginning of the screen writing script. How about it Valdosta? Want to see how I see the film begin?

How ’bout you Grim? You game to see your fate played out on the big screen?

You wanted to be a star, so  here’s your chance!

Come back tomorrow Valdosta and I’ll share an early Christmas present with you.

You can see how it all began…












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