I have done my part… have you done yours Valdosta?


I have not abandoned this case.

I say this because I have had a few comments from followers since yesterdays blog that are worried that in moving forward on my next book- I have made a decision to leave this case behind. That I have decided to leave this injustice behind- leaving it unresolved…unfinished.

I have not. In truth, I am waiting for you- the citizens of VALDOSTA to now step to the plate and do your part. To tell the world that you as a community do not prescribe to this kind of irresponsibility. To let the world know that life matters… justice matters…family matters… truth matters…RESOLUTION matters.

Doesn’t that seem fair?

I have done the research… spent the time, money and effort to go back to school…investigated and investigated until I am blue in the face and still continue to do so…spoken with so many who knew and were afraid to speak then…now…publicly… listened to even more of you who knew or suspected and written the book with as much as my editor would allow me to put into the book to help you push this thing forward.

So who’s part is it now?

Don’t just buy the book- though, please do buy the book. What you need to do is TALK and TELL others about this case. Flood your local TV and news paper with requests to discuss and showcase this historical tragedy. Get out there and flood your Sheriff’s Department and Police Department, asking them to finish their jobs; flood the offices of the middle district of ATF and tell them you want them to complete their homework! This was their job to do properly in the first place!

If it were your father? Your child? Your wife? Your mother? Your brother or sister… would you sit so silent?

These agencies took less than a month to sign and seal Charley’s fate. Eighteen days to discover the truth about the lies?

Eighteen days to destroy a family legacy?

Eighteen days to tell the world your community closed its eyes?

Take those eighteen days back, Valdosta!

This is what you, as concerned citizens must do!

I have done my part… have you done yours Valdosta?


How about this?

A book signing right in the heart of downtown to show my support?

Buy the books- call your local news paper -get it arranged and I’ll make it happen!

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