Are you ready for the rest of the ride?


In order for the first book to do well I understand that I must continue to write Charley’s story and build it into the second book, THE DEAD LINE, because the message of ‘justice delayed cannot remain justice denied’ continues and the contiguous flow of unfiltered information has provided a segue. So, do not think that just because I may begin to write of other things, that Charley is not included in my every efforts- for Charley is who led me to this next adventure and Charley and I are now forever and he continues to be part of my every process from this day forward.

Charley’s murder was significant. Charley’s murder was tragic. Charley’s murder was a benchmark of insanity that was escalated to a level of incredulity by those who had great need of concocting moronic stories and pathetic rationalizations in order to protect themselves from discovery for the past 47 years. What I love about this process is the realization that the mystery of who murdered Charley Covington continues to be solved- by you! You who have read the book, followed the clues- valued the observations made and now know who the key players are. I have read your comments and heard guesses dripping from your wet and excited lips the names of the men and one woman who were there that night… the names of those I have so casually tried to veil. You are right you know…about all of them. And the beauty is–those who are still living know that you know. It’s true! You can see it in their eyes, when you see them in the grocery stores or haunting the aisles and alcoves of churches they are now afraid to enter. They can hear the whispers…”Did you read the book, the book…the book…it was you…it was you!”

They know you know, when they shield their faces from view and try to hide the scars- adjust their glasses and their attitudes. When they deny their involvement, but boast about their honesty and their friendships with the deceased. When their ego overrides their brain cells and they tell you more than they should- because they are trying to prove their ‘innocence’. When they transfer their blood money from account to account- trying to spread it around, hoping and praying that others will buy their ridiculous stories of how that money came to be theirs.When they build on the lies they have told for decades…but who did they tell what?

Charley’s murder was not the only one, but merely one more in a long list of hundreds of unsolved murders that took place in the rural backroads of this state  at the hands of those hell bent on making money, garnering power, keeping power and keeping secrets. This next book will not only deal with just the continuation of my investigation into the murder of  Charley, or  the other  murders of those like Jessica, Roxanne and the MOT- Mr. Chance… but of a Jackson County District Attorney and a register full of people who died for even less than what Charley presented as a threat.

This next book will chronicle the movements from Charley’s murder, to the murder of another champion of the law and the  brutal observations of the final moments of another 26 victims that were murdered by members of the Dixie Mafia who virtually ran this state, with help of those in high and low places.

Are you ready for the rest of this ride?

Then let us begin…Charley is at the wheel with me so, buckle your seat belts!

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