In recently having a forensic psychologist do a profiling…


In recently having a forensic psychologist do a profiling job from a letter involved in this case and the tremendous insights she pulled from it… in tandem with my personal knowledge of who the author already was, has prompted me to think more about a slight alteration to my degree efforts. Impressed by this person’s incredible rendering, combined with information from R and my own personal evaluations… I now see great merit in this avenue and will continue to contemplate a slight tilt in my investigation process to include more of her input as well as more background studies of my  own.

Taking her evaluations, in concert with a gift this past holiday in the form of a book I had admired from earlier academics: The Lucifer Effect, by Philip Zimbardo…I may spend some time in deeper study of the psychological issues of those from the Covington murder. Of course for those who passed before, I will have to pull from others input.  But for those still parading about your town under the charade of innocence- those that I have already interviewed at some length, who I believe are still persons of great interest- at least for me– this will be a challenge.

For those of you unfamiliar with the work; the premise of Zimbardo’s experimentation analysis is based on one question, “Why do good people do bad things?”

Now, I do not mean to imply by segue that those involved in Charley’s murder were good people  who just suddenly woke up  one day and uncharacteristically decided to do the unspeakable – because they are not. They were… and are, people who did bad things because it was in their nature and their ego to do so. Those of you who have figured out their true identities from the book, know this to be true already and are not surprised by my bravado. Which pretty much sucks for you, Grim. But then you knew that’s how folks always felt about you anyway, right? You never felt comfortable anywhere, did you? No church, no group, no organization ever felt just right- that is except for the ‘four in flannel’. Something about that collection of emotional misfits clicked for you. They were always a good fit. Always ready to feed their carnal lusts, their debauched desires and their greed and obsession with power and money.

As for Einstein, G and the others…they all had some serious psychological issues dealing with anger and inferiority complexes as well. Take Einstein for instance; he was an impatient soul and felt that nobody could ‘the job’ the way it really needed to be done…that’s why he did a good bit of it himself. How can you tell? MO my friends. What did most of the victims have in common? Severe bruising about the body. Rumor had it our dear Mr. Einstein liked to brutally kick and hit his victims. The Shooter? Why his game was easy enough to figure out just from the evidence itself- not to mention a post murder confirmation by a former judge, that both top and bottom shells in the revolver were found. Top and bottoms shells spent means one of two things…. a struggle, or the Shooter had used a personal favorite game of his to try and intimidate information out of Charley about what he did and didn’t know that night…a little penchant persuader of his called, Russian roulette!

Now, the psychology of G was and is sad and stemmed from a sexually abusive cycle that I believe began in her early childhood and then continued into her adulthood…a cycle that should have been broken before the four in flannel got into the picture. The men who instead exploited and exacerbated her issues with sex because of their lack of discipline and  their own psychotic issues with physical abuse, emotional addictions and sexual fantasies. But you know what they say? Live by the sword… die by the sword.

Read the book, tell me what you think.

Good people who did unconscionably bad things under pressure from those they perceived in authority- the corrupt law? Or inherently bad people, who ran rough shod over any and everyone who got in their way who impeded their path to power, or challenged and threatened to violate their fraternal protection of the secrets and scandals they could not afford the world to know about?

Murder, corruption, pornography, moonshine, drugs, guns, gambling and illicit sexual liaisons with young women who paid the ultimate price for their dalliances- that’s the legacy these men left behind. The Covington murder of 1966- so not the history you want your town to be left with for all eternity. There is no statute of limitations on the act of murder in the state of Georgia dear readers- so do not get lazy in the enforcement of your laws Valdostans.  You can clean this travesty up…bring these people to justice and right a wrong that has sat unchallenged for far too long.

Buy the book. Share the book. Reveal the truth!

The Thin Gray Line: A True Crime Investigative Memoir by T.A. Powell

Now available on

(See book trailer on web site as well.)

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