Blood void patterns help support homicide and tampering with the crime scene!


Note: This message was inspired and written at 11:11 on 01/11/2014

Another moment that R likes to call an, “Ah-ha!” moments, that I like to call my, “Oh sh___” or even, “Holy sh___!”moments took place while I was reading an assignment for next week in my forensics books; specifically on analyzing blood patterns. Naturally whenever I encounter something that involves evidential elements of this case,  my mind rushes to  Charley and the crime scene photos, of which have not been shared with you out of respect for the family. In doing so, I discovered something that never directly occurred to me before… or rather that I knew something was not right, but could not come up with what exactly was wrong…until now!

If you have read my book, The Thin Gray Line, you know that early on in the process, I had an expert look at the crime scene photos to rule out suicide. As I was not happy with her determination, I had several other experts looked at them and keep them in their files as well for future reference. My first expert looked briefly at the pile and then announced, she could detect  no evidence of a void pattern and sans any other evidence, felt suicide was plausible…but that was wrong. She missed it completely!

As you know, I am obsessive about this case for many personal reasons and I have looked at these photos over a hundred times and while I have noted and talked incessantly about the disconnect between the pools of blood and to the victim …I never put it all together the right way till yesterday when it hit me light a ton of bricks that we had all missed the biggest clue to corroborate other testimony and timelines and it was staring at us in the face the whole time!

So yesterday I not only had an epiphany, I had an “oh sh_____!” moment  the size of Texas and then immediately got chills on my arm, because I had been asking Charley for days to bring me a new piece of information or insight to my attention to keep you all engaged so that we can finally get this thing rolling in the halls of law enforcement. As usual, I second guessed my own psychic ability to discern a message and so asked him to get whatever it was to R. As the universe continues to teach that I continue to develop and appreciate my own abilities… I had not thought that it would come through me and so dismissed it for a minute as insignificant information. That being said, let me explain what I am talking about.

Forensics teaches that a void pattern in the middle of a blood pattern is simply an area empty or clear of evidence; meaning either the flow of blood or the splatter of blood, has been interrupted because something or someone was blocking the continual flow or spray of either body fluids and/or blood before the victim expired.

In over 47 years, not one expert has ever made it a point to divine what is in those photos as a VOID, or what object could have created this VOID. But it was there all along…right there in front of us in another photo.

Inspired, I went outside this morning in the rain and tried to measure and calculate the amount of tire tread that would have had contact with the road that night. Taking into account that I drive a Cooper and Charley drove a huge 4 door, Ford sedan and that his tires were easily two times larger than what are on my car…it all made perfect sense. As stated in both the beginnings of this blog and in the book, during R’s first reading of the murder that night, Charley said he was at the front right tire when he was shot- felt the second blow to the head. Again, this location is backed up by witness testimony that the first witness which passed Charley’s body heading to work at the paper mill, (which we now suspect as being staged as well, by virtue of his known, long term association to another key player in C’s murder) stated his [Charley’s] body was at the front right tire as he slowed down and that the man slumped at the tire did not speak when asked if help was needed…supports this observation that the front right tire was not only involved, but the object of  obstruction of blood flow as Charley lay bleeding out before them. Thus, another crucial piece of evidence that was tampered with at the scene.

So how do we get the body in front of the car, but near the pools of blood without tire tracks through the evidence?

Another piece of evidence offers us a clue. According to authorities, public  news papers and the widow’s journal, there was quoted statements about a tow truck having been seen and used in the crime scene area that night pulling out a vehicle. So who’s vehicle was Charley sat at? And who moved this vehicle from the are and/or at least repositioned it on the highway to stage the rest of the crime scene? And why wasn’t every local towing business brought in for questioning?

I wish I could show you the all of the blatant discrepancies in these photos, but it is not necessary at this time. Proper authorities have copies and/or access to copies of all these photos and have an obligation to re-review them again to dispel or confirm my findings. Remember; there is no statute of limitations on murder in the state of Georgia and we should be demanding this case be prosecuted according to the laws of the land.

So officials- both local and federal…let’s get going. I ask you to either prove me right or prove me wrong, but please get off your collective pedestals, assign the resources necessary and prove something about this case and your dedication to the laws you have been commissioned to uphold!

Maybe it’s the rain or maybe it’s the thought of another year passing by that makes me grow weary of doing your homework for you… I have enough of my own to do this semester, thank you very much!

Now, back to my books…

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