According to the GBI Crime Lab Report…


Note again the repeating numbers…that being said and now that I have your attention–let’s continue with our little lesson on blood spatter patterns which proves the impossibility of the “Suicide” classification on Charley’s DEATH CERTIFICATE… which is the reason I will NOT quit until it is changed.

According to the GBI Crime Lab Report in 1966, blood and other tissues related evidence was recorded as being retrieved from the front right window area of the car. If that were true, how did they do so in the rain that night and even more to the point…if the weapon that was placed, I mean, “found” under Charley’s belly was the actual weapon he supposedly used to kill himself…how did the quote, unquote “blood spatter” get on the windshield of his car 13 feet away?

You see, blood spatter from a high powered weapon- such as a gun, which produces high-velocity spatter. High-velocity spatter is generally less than 1mm in size; almost like a mist and the droplets being so small are unable to travel very far… so we have a problem Houston! You cannot shoot yourself 13 feet away from the vehicle and claim blood spatter from gunshot. However, if you are at the front right tire area of the vehicle and being held or forced into a bent over position at or just above the tire area… it is possible to have some sort of spatter. But that again presents a huge problem for these law folks then, doesn’t it? Gunshot spatter cannot travel 13 feet in the air to where Charley’s body was found lying. So without being obnoxious–just where the heck was he shot? Standing at the edge of the road, with his hat and flashlight like they wanted you to believe…or at the front right tire where he was being beaten and held while the shooter played a cozy little game of Russian roulette above his right ear?


Was it at the front right tire or 13 feet in front of the car, because my dear gentleman…try as you might to deceive all, you cannot have it both ways. Like my mother used to say, “You cannot be a little bit pregnant. You either are, or you are not!” And as for the pooling of blood? Pooling is formed from large drops and constant flow. That happens by gravity my dears, so his head was somewhere just above the pools of blood, but obviously leaning against something because there is a clear VOID PATTERN in the photos between each pool of blood and the victim’s head that cannot be denied! You cannot bleed out and have it jump eight inches in the air- in the pouring rain mind you, then hop in the air another six inches to a new landing place and then another four inches to make the rounds above your head and yet not from your head!

Anybody in law enforcement care to argue the point with me?

Anybody care to jump in the fray and help jump start another look at the photo evidence with me? You have the evidence in hand already…anybody game?

Feel free to let me know. You know how to find me.

Isn’t education a wonderful thing! I can’t wait to see what I learn next week!!!!

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