THE DEAD LINE begins…one victim at a time.

1/18/2014 (11:11 am)

I know when I am being asked to move forward when information continues to present itself, without my prodding or digging for it. Last night I was being given ideas for the opening for the next book and so at 3:37am in the morning I was making mental notes and then jotting them down in my notebook in my office, as I let the dogs out to howl at the moon and make their constitutional obligations. I continue to ask for guidance and ask that the right people and circumstances present themselves, so that I might move further on this project- while keeping my hand active in refining information and evidence from Charley’s. That being said, opportunities and interviews are being brought forth to explore and continue to embroider my hectic work and study schedule. Blocks of information that prompt me forward with new names and faces and compel me to expand my files and anecdotal resources for the next book: THE DEAD LINE: CONFESSIONS OF A DIXIE MAFIA ASSASSIN (Copyright 2009)

Again, the warnings go out that many people involved in these certain nefarious activities and multiple murders are still alive and that I am placing myself in an awkward and compromising position. I get that and yet…who will speak for these victims if nobody ever dares to help them bring their truth to the world?

How can we honor the dead if we bury the truth along with them?

Did I ask for this? Yes and no.

What I asked for was the chance to use my natural talents and passions to create something that would help bring honor to them and to be a unique voice in the universe. Charley helped me find the most authentic path in which to accomplish both and my dedication to such is supreme and without falter.

I am trusting that the universe is leading me to where it needs me to be.

Where is the universe leading you to be? What is it asking of you that you refuse to follow out of fear or arrogance?

THE DEAD LINE begins. One victim at a time.

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