Two days went by and then I received a…


You know how you are going along and you have a plan in place and so you follow the plan and then one day, you get something brought to you that halts you in your tracks- takes you by storm and changes your direction?

Well… I do.

Four days ago I was headed in one direction; then I received a contact through my web site and bam! Things are changing rapidly and I have to hold onto my hat, catch my breath  and grab a pair of running shoes so that I can keep up with where I am being led. And where am I being led? I cannot tell you yet, but dear God in heaven…could this state be any more corrupt?

Six nights ago I went to bed- asked for guidance, as I always do and was shown the profile of an older woman; stringy silver hair plastered against her head, with several strands dripping across her sallow cheeks. She was gray with the pallor of death and her eyes vacant and devoid of history- she reminded me of the painting, “The Scream.”

I awoke and thought to myself- “What does this have to do with Charley?”

Two days went by and then I received a contact/hit on my site.

One day after that I saw a crime scene photo.

It was the face of this same woman, only there was more to the photo that I will not- cannot share with you now.

Things happened this way with Charley too. I was writing one book and then suddenly, Charley got dropped in my lap and I was off on another direction.

Angels lead where the universe has intended us to be; my job is to follow.

Stay tuned- this is one trip you won’t want to get left behind.

Breathe, breathe…before the oxygen gets sucked from your lungs the way mine was!

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