Sometimes it’s best to…


Dreams have been ramped up of late; most recent and most disturbing was one from the other night after I received a rather odd communication.

The dream was rather crude, but perhaps necessary.

When the dream began, I was walking along the beach outside my house. It was a beautiful summer day- warm breezes, sunshine and a calm rippling effect upon the water. My phone jingled and when I looked down and saw the name, I paused. Certain I had already dealt with the situation enough, I closed my phone and continued on my walk. Apparently the universe thought otherwise, as suddenly I was standing alone in a room with just my phone. It continued to ring, so I finally gave up and listened to the message.

My mouth began to fill with acrid saliva and I began  drooling at the edges of my lips. I replayed the message a second time and with each word I gagged. Soon I was completely nauseous…so nauseous that I began to vomit. With each regurgitation, it brought forth a tape worm. Four times, four tape worms. Finally void of these four worms, my stomach stopped hurting and my head began to clear. Disgusted, I watched them squirm about on the table top and when I finally got my legs back under me…I threw them out a nearby window one by one. I never looked down to see where they landed or if they were still alive, I just slammed the window shut and then walked away.

I awoke startled and sat in the dark for a long time, trying to discern what message to take away- though it was fairly clear. Whatever the impetus, I was finally done with whatever had been bothering me. Was the message the tipping point? I believe it was. It was more than clear that I was shedding unwanted emotions, situations and/or individuals who had become parasitic by-products in my life. The number four was very symbolic, as was the opening and closing of a window.

Whatever its impetus, it has reminded me in a very real and very graphic manner, to release any emotions or situations in my life which have fed off my soul and drained me of personal energies.

So, do you have any situations, emotions or people in your life who have fed off your energies or efforts? If so…release them in whatever way necessary to help you… then slam the window shut… never look back and move on.

New opportunities are presenting themselves this month- be there when the window re-opens!


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