As for this next case…


I know you have been wondering where I have been and to tell the truth, I have too. It has been hard of late to be everywhere and everything. Weather has had its fun with us all, work unrelenting, school daunting this semester and there have been familial crisis’s every other day with my husband’s mother and that tends to take the wind out of everybody’s sails…still time marches on regardless of our trials and that leaves little time to breathe or write.

It has been a matter of multiple disconnects of late; necessary and yet it leaves you feeling empty sometimes. So many variables in the wind and so much to accomplish in so little time. 2014 is suppose to be, “the year” and I am patiently, or not so patiently waiting for that to begin. I watch the stars, read the numbers, listen tot he wind and while I can feel the stir- I have yet to see any visual results, but they say be patient…it is all happening behind the scenes and I get glimpses of that here and there enough to know that it is true.

How do I know this? Somebody received a copy of my book from somebody they have never met; an undercover former agent…that somebody then called me to help them with another case. Now, the last time that happened I was in the middle of writing another book: “Message Will be Saved,” when the universe decided to redirect me. Now, knee deep into another book, the universe has brought me another case I cannot walk away from. Why, you ask?

In as much as Charley consumed my life for 5 years- this one might consume for another 5. This case is so complex; a series of murders here in Georgia so vile and so repulsive that I cannot look the other way. It is also pertinent, as there are men sitting on DEATH ROW right now who will be executed for murders I have come to believe they did not commit. But this is not the same thing as churning up dirt in Valdosta and hoping old men as they near death grow a conscience; namely Grim, the farmer in the dell and Einstein. I have done all that I can do for them already.

You don’t understand that, do you? Let me explain. I have given these men the chance to set themselves free. I have given law enforcement the golden ticket to put Charley’s murder to rest, snatch them out of their homes and give them the chance to set the record straight. Each day they refuse to confess, is another day closer to their demise and I would not want to be in their shoes for all the gold in the world. Can you imagine standing before the architect of the universe to explain their perversion and their greed? Not me. That is one eternal conversation I would never wish to have… for I know where it will lead them and I think each day they get older and closer to death- so do they.

The gift I gave them was the opportunity to confess their all in the here and now- to change their Karma. People have figured out who they are, so the cat’s really out of the bag already and the whispers will never end; the continual purchasing of the book by folks in and around that town continue to make sure of that. (BTW’s, thank you citizens of Valdosta and surrounding counties for your continued support of this book!) I did what I could to help you all, but Grim- you  and your cronies have written your own tickets to Hell and now all I can do is stand back and hope you’ve all packed enough Depends to last you each an eternity, ‘cuz your going to need them!

As for this next case…I warn you that as I begin to write about what has happened, you may wish to shield your eyes, keep a bucket to vomit in beside you and keep your ears open as you hear the faint rush of air rise from the throats of seven plus victims as they reveal the truth of who was there and how they died. This case is over 37 years old, but oh baby we are no where near finished with digging into the filth that pervaded this tiny town in Georgia, in 1977. In fact, we have just begun! If I am lucky, Charley will continue to help where and when he can from the other side, but for now…it is between the photos of dead, the lies of those still alive, the architect of the universe, and me.

What do stockings, high society, ancient Egypt, brutal rape and corrupt officials have to do with Columbus, Georgia?

Good question…



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