Uncertain this was still a dream…


I thought about this before deciding to share…

Last night, in fact for several nights now I have had the most graphic and odd kind of dreams. The first I cannot share until I divine its meaning. The night before I dreamed I had been invited to a beautiful Gothic style home- hauntingly beautiful and once inside I was surrounded by beautiful young women who gathered me up into a room to ask me all about my writing and my books. Convinced I had been asked there to discuss what I do, I talked about how Charley and R, had helped me to figure things out. They asked what was next and I said that while in the midst of developing one case, I was being led to another.

With each little bit of information and description about what I was being asked to do…they began to huddle closer and closer. So close, that I became very uncomfortable. I tried to excuse myself and they surrounded me and would not let me leave. When I said that I no longer wished to discuss my work and had another place to be, one very young and beautiful red-head stepped forward and told me I would not be allowed to leave. She brought her face very close to mine and  then as she spoke…her porcelain features began to melt and drip from her face.

She repeatedly told me I could not leave and when I backed away and made a move to exit, she grabbed me by me shoulders and shook me. The others began to shape shift as well and when I looked back into what was left of her face, it changed to the head of a vulture. A vulture with a balding head of random strands of red hair, with a beak and blackened feathers and pale white eyes. This creature reminded me of the tall, black feathered creature that had once held me in another Gothic style dungeon and tried to force me to eat from a wooden bowl filled with foul smelling  flesh.

Again, uncertain that this was still a dream, I began to say a prayer to Arch Angel Michael and was immediately released.

I leave you to your own analysis…

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