Be prepared for an interesting ride…


I’m back…finals for me are at last finished! My new show opens tomorrow night…and I can breathe!! I know you have felt slighted- I too have missed the calm of pen to pad… of mind engaged and yet, I do school to enhance my understanding and my abilities to participate within these cases as an active and educated investigative author. You would not want me poking around in this __________ without being mindful of evidence- proper procedure and violations of the law. That being said, my closets are filled with boxes and research papers awaiting my eager hands and I am desperate to dive back into my ongoing cases!

Joy and rapture is mine and with Spring knocking on the door- the outside and the joy of criminal discovery can at last become my mental destination. Do not think that I have not been in need of return. Much has been going on in the silences you have endured and behind the scenes; case alterations and updates, familial crisis with elderly parents, academic pressures and job related obligations and responsibilities have weighed so heavy upon these shoulders since the end of December…enough said, but know that there is finally light at the end of the tunnel- potential release for those in misery and joy to again align with Source for a divine purpose.

I am now free from academic burdens until mid August and plan to use this time to continue work on the Dixie Mafia case book, as well as the startling Columbus Strangler case that has captured my imagination and unhinged my opinion of the South.

Be prepared for an interesting ride the remainder of this month and for the next few…

Charley is not forgotten; he now helps on other cases and his input is invaluable.

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