The 14th brings some significant event…I wait with baited breath!


This week it begins…

On the cusp of a new season, on the edge of a new life and a new approach to what will become the gateway to the harvest cycle of my life which will begin in two months- and I intend to move towards it with calm and clarity. Everything now lies before me and I am coming into my own. I have been told that this week holds something unexpected for the end of the week- an event of sorts that will require great thought and quick action. As of this moment, I do not know what that will be, but I am being asked to stand in my truth, to remain compassionate and to protect my passions. It is about expansion… it is about attracting possibilities and light and crafting something from my gifts.

This week is about my father, who would have celebrated a birthday this week. This is about my celebration of his life- his calling as a parent- his impact as a man of faith and his deep and sincere love of my mother and his children…the gratitude that I feel in having been gifted with such incredibly loving individuals as guide and mentors. They are the blessing that continues to give, even in death. This was a gift that Charley brought. In an awkward way, I must acknowledge and thank his daughter for helping me find a new way to reconnect to my parents and the wonders of my childhood with them.

Today I spent a minute in appreciation of life and the opportunity to take an active role in the joys of my destiny. With academics behind me for a few months I can finally breathe and apply new information learned to the current cases I am working. I will write more later, but take a minute today… stop in your tracks and spend 30 seconds looking about you. Acknowledge those things you love- give thanks and then accept what changes the universe has in store for you. Saying good bye to one thing allows something new to come through- trust, trust, trust.

The 14th brings some significant event…I wait with baited breath!



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