In three days…


In three days a full moon will illuminate the sky and the dead will begin to dance among the stars and give up even more information. In four days it will be the anniversary of Charley’s murder…AGAIN! I am hoping that Jessica and Roxanne will step forward with more information too. If you are curious as to where their bodies the book, THE THIN GRAY LINE by TA Powell, on While some things were changed in the book to protect the innocent and those related to the guilty…those locations were not.

Read the book, then petition local law and the private landowners and go to town, so to speak! But do not let vigilantes destroy the evidence! Secure this through proper channels- call the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department. Maybe Grim will come to watch again as they pull Roxanne’s remains from under the Cyprus stumps, he rolled her into over 48 years ago. He liked to watch the first time when they pulled her body from Saddle Bags lakes-pretended she drown. What a crock- even Miss M said so. Maybe this time he can convincingly pretend to be surprised. Hah!

But try Valdosta…get out their and try for God’s sake. Dig up those girls and bring them home- their bones will help tell the rest of the story. By the way Grim- Jessica was pregnant. Oh, but you knew that because the big guy in Atlanta back then was in on that- literally. So let’s go back to that night on October 12th, 1966 was it? Charley was murdered on the 9th and Roxanne before then, but you had to hide her body a second time and so while everybody was all unglued over the Federal Treasury Agent’s death- you and your buddy’s took a little trip on the Wild side…looked across the way from its gates and a few minutes later- your buddy across the fence held his tongue at midnight while you rolled that poor child into a watery grave. You disgust me and my patience has run out.

Think back Valdosta…who was on patrol back then?

But remember- Roxanne was the second girl to go missing. Jessica, her friend was murdered first in July of that year. After somebody decided he could not afford to have a young prostitute porn star call him out. Where is she? Well, Roxanne’s in a cow pasture and what’s left of Jessica is at the river. Two properties owned by folks who were knowledgeable of what was going down that night. New owners may allow you to dredge and drag the cow pasture swamp for her bones and the gold necklace with the V… the other? Maybe not- Jessica’s buried near the river on his property-the  felon that lured Charley to his death that night. Find him and you find her!

Why do I bring them up now, a year after the book has been out? Because I am tired of waiting for law enforcement to do the right thing! Buy the book…read the details and then go and pressure these folks to find those girls so we can give them a proper burial. Tell law enforcement it’s time to bring Charley justice! And when you’re done with that Valdosta…let’s go get the evidence Charley copied that the MOT was killed for! He told us where to find it.

Again…four more days till the lights go out on the Clyattville- Nankin Road again. Stop at 9:30 PM out there under the stars and hear the echoes of shots ringing out as law enforcement murders him in cold blood.

Why do I ask for help?

Because I want their murders solved… or rather, I have solved them- I want them validated! I am hoping Jessica and Roxanne will help Sophie Clark and Mary Sue Ogletree of the Boston and Columbus  Strangler’s cases respectively, to see what we can accomplish together; each from the other side of the veil. It’s October and the spirits are restless…mine too.

Oh, and here’s another set of names to add to the list of women I am trying to help, who might see this as an ethereal invitation from me to help salvage their dignity and solve their murders too…another two victims, Sherry and Lisa. Do I have their last names? You bet I do…and so do the police! Not in Valdosta mind you…they have enough to deal with Jessica, Roxanne, Charley and the MOT right now.

To those who can no longer speak for themselves–I can help you, if you will help me…just ask R.

I’m waiting…

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