They are pushing for me to do something …



Academics officially over till January, I have been inundated by spirit with hints and prompts to move forward without delay in the Columbus Stocking Strangler case. Up until now, academics and work obligations have eaten away every ounce of energy and every spare moment, but with school done till next semester and work on tract…my investigations can now return to priority status.  Last week a tea reading brought forth 2 very significant images: a revolver and the letter M.   The revolver could be interpreted in many ways, perhaps even literal… the M?This person is supposed to be sent to help me move forward in a project;  perhaps the 8th victim of the Strangler, Mary Sue will step forward again. Maybe between her and Sophie, things can start to flow again and we can pick up where we left off between Boston and Columbus.

As for my previous case…

On October 9th as always, I spent the day in quiet reverie for Charley and the girls and what they went through back in 1966, the night Charley was murdered. On October 12th, Sophie reminded me through a series of bucolic landscapes and a Post It note that fell of my desk several times of her internment into a watery grave at midnight that night…the 13th,! On that day, (13th) I moved forward from school work to research and read bits and pieces from the Necronomicon, as part of  a new segue into this case. Why you might ask would such an unnerving manuscript rest upon my writing desk? Because  this case has metastasized from murders in Columbus, to Boston, to California and now to another state, by virtue of the travels of the two POI’s that remain at the origins of all this. Decades of debauchery and deception now begin to come full circle… and how appropriate,  they would say that I finally got a chance to read this on the 13th…a significant day in occultism.

The next day,on the 14th, a truck cut me off- his license plate produced several numbers for my edification. When I went to read the number it triggered, Charley’s photo popped from the pages of my angel book tot hew corresponding number and we had a bit of a conversation about his silence and my need for more information. Happy to see him, I gave him a small pep talk…mentioned the anniversary of his death and chided him with playful antics for being quiet for so long. I apologized that movement on his case has slowed, and asked that he deliver new information or evidence to me to help bring it to fruition. At 4:44 that afternoon, he did just that! (BTW’s…444 is an angel number which reminds us we are surrounded and protected by angels and ascended masters.) Charley provided a very unexpected answer to my prayer. We will see where this new information leads!

As for my current book, THE HARVEST on the Columbus and the murders there?

Now, a week later from the full moon, Charley’s anniversary and my freedom from academics… the words and signs that I need to see and hear are being prompted by spirit everywhere: in TV commercials, newspaper ads, random conversations…license plates and virtual divine interventions.

They are pushing for me to do something that will help break this case wide open… a step I have been fearful to make until now. Listening to some recent advice,  I took the first step in that direction this morning, certain that I am  being guided to do so from a divine perspective.

The ball is now in another’s court…I await the answers to the questions!



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