Last night I had a dream…


Last night I had a dream…

Earlier in the week they had talked about messages and to pay attention to your dreams. Recent events and information have begged for more details in my investigations.

Last night I had a dream. They showed me walking down a street, embroidered with exotic flowers and variegated foliage. Casually strolling towards a downtown area,  the sidewalk was old and cracked from tree roots which threaded their way from crumbled curbs to yard lines. As I reached the corner, I approached the side wall of a building. The brick was lighter in color than the traditional red I am used to in Georgia- the dirt in the less grassy areas of the yards before me, more sandy colored. As I reached the end of the sidewalk, I turned and looked to my left. Large white letters ran across the brick: Key Pine Library.

Odd as it may seem, my first impression of the building and its conglomeration of white block letters was  that it was going to be a Post Office…but the letters formed the word, Library and not Postal Office.

I am being ask to divine the meaning and feel certain it has to do with this case and recent associations  between my Columbus duo and some new found information. Am I uncertain of the link? No…that part spirit has made perfectly clear. What I am more interested in, is there more information from another victim trying to come true?

I know how this works. First they get my attention through a vision or dream. Then they let me sit with the images presented for a day or two to ponder their meaning or to further review the details imparted and make preliminary connections to my current activities or discoveries. Next, I begin to dig deeper in the direction they show. I may get an epiphany that connects their images with my information…or I get a call… or a letter… or a piece of evidence from someone or somewhere, which helps explains what the vision had portended.

That brings to mind another curiosity from yesterday. While hanging drops in the theatre, a person helping me suddenly pulled out a measuring tape to help set the chains equidistant to one another. Why is that so curious? Because the end of the measuring tape metal tab…was magnetic! It stuck to the pipe we were hanging on. Now, in your world that means nothing. In my world, that screamed a connection to a crime scene which involved a set of keys on a magnet key chain that were stolen from the victim.

So now we have the impressions of a magnetic key chain- from a victim who was murdered in California and the mention of a library on Pine Key in Florida.

I find it rather interesting that today is the 29th. If spirit follows suit as usual, two days from now I will receive more information. Two days from now will be Halloween.

It should be a very interesting and unsettling day!

Stay tuned…


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