The Columbus killings were but introduction…


Is it even possible to have this many victims?

Getting closer to closure for the book has already had me on pins and needles with all the information that has flooded this investigation with multiple serial killings and additional victims that have yet gone untethered to this string of events…until now.

Can I tell you that the killer(s) while clever, have fallen to the singular trap of every psychopath and sociopath, true textbook style? We humans are creatures of habits, passions and personal demons and we each have a particular way of dealing with them. Like a heavy Turkish tapestry, we weave our lives with strands of truths and lies and bind them so tight that they become the fabric of who we are…And just like that heavy Turkish tapestry, one tiny thread undone, can become the very thing that unravels the mass.

The trick then? To find that one thread and…pull!

You see, the psychopath has an ego, equal to none. He/she wants you to know how brilliant they are and when you refuse to recognize that…they will go to unearthly lengths to make it clear. Either they will tell you flat out, or in the case of the immoral, who cannot afford such blatant exposures…they will hint and drop bread crumbs the size of small Volkswagen’s for you to follow–so great is their need for adoration. They crave reward like a junkie craves one more blow. They also like souvenirs of their triumphs, but are clever about what they are and where they hide them.

Look to what they do…their hobbies or professions. This is the graveyard of their accomplishments and it is there that you will find the corpses of their “winnings”…this is where they hide their treasures.

I opened this blog with a rather graphic question…why?

Because even as I am parsing clues and outlining final suppositions, spirit has added one more body to the pile. I used to be coy…used to want to make you guess at what I was saying, but this case has made me weary of charades. I fatigue at the mention of another victim’s name and yet, they too must be served. Victims deserve to be recognized… so do killers.

It always amazes me that the sleepiest little towns are the ones with the most flamboyant and nefarious of characters…the juiciest scandals and the greatest liars. Are you ready to be laid bare Columbus? To learn the true meanings of your statues and your lawn ornaments. To learn who it was that controlled your justice, embroidered your sheets, planted your gardens and held your esteem?

Two of the killers are native…one from far away.

This man both intrigues me and makes me want to vomit at the same time…the arrogance and the vitriol with which he looked down upon the rest of humanity, bled through his words. I found it interesting in the beginning why I was chosen to follow this case. Now, far more knowledgeable, I understand exactly why I was chosen and have exploited such.

So why was I chosen?

Because I am a sopher… a scribe…a writer and in being one, understand the psyche of one. We live and die and bleed in ink…we breathe through this medium as though it were our very air. And what do writer’s do? They record… thoughts… impressions… images… visions…sights… events… kills…


Yes…they record kills. So carefully do they craft their words that you barely understand what they are saying; but just like very true psychopath, eventually they have to make certain you understand just how brilliant they are and so they let down their guard.

The trick?

Finding the moment they do so!

I have found that moment and many more. Why?

Because psychopaths also see themselves as invincible…impregnable… capable of absolute autonomy, but the ego has a blind spot. The third killer, confident in his superiority, exposes himself so that you can see and worship his accomplishments.

The Columbus killings were but introduction and the victims have done their best to tell their tale and light the path to others. I thank those that brought their information to the table and shared…they will find their names in the book and duly credited for their participation. So Columbus, are you ready to hear your story?

Are you ready to hear about the killers who wandered your streets as free men…who killed without remorse and who bargained and bartered the reputations of your pillars of the community, trading their souls like baseball cards? The men who did things in the dark they could not afford to have light shown upon? The men who still hold high offices in your buildings…the woman who still practices law…the kings and queens of your courts…the pillars of your arts…the messengers of debauchery and the latent members of secret societies?

Yesterday, even as I was walking away, spirit pulled me back in with one simple question:

“Do you understand the name…Terrance?”

One Response to “The Columbus killings were but introduction…”

  1. Says:

    oh wow, a black man name Terrance friended me last year on FB…he is one of my group FREE MICHAEL FINN…and can see my ongoing cause.

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