So, shall we begin to lay the bead crumbs?


So shall we begin to lay the bread crumbs that will have all of Columbus eating out of our hands in less than a year?

How many of you remember these killings…the Columbus Silk Stocking Strangling’s?

How many of you had mothers and grandmothers who bolted their doors and left on their lights trying to prevent the evil from entering their homes?

How many of you questioned the inability of your police to catch the killer(s) who wandered your streets undetected and how many of you bought the line of crap they fed you when they said they could prove a man was responsible for the killings with an 8 year late partial fingerprint in one of the three of the seven attacks he was convicted on and yet…had nothing to parse on the other four?

How many of you have sat back and watched the circus of your courtrooms as the local law dances their way around the facts of the case and desperately trying not to step into the _______ of their  forefathers…or is that four fathers?

Let’s begin by asking the most primal of questions.

If both the Columbus Stocking Strangling’s and the Mary Sue Ogletree case’s, respectively can be categorized as crimes of passion…due to the brutality and personal natures of the violations and manners of death, then why are we even looking at the man currently on death row?

What intimate contacts or personal vendetta had this man ever had with any of these women?  And beyond the cursory knowledge that they lived in the same community at one time, they obviously never lived in the same world…if you understand my meaning. But even that cannot truly explain the motivation for the killings and the state’s premise was flimsy at best.

The convict was a thief and a drug dealer.

And if nothing was ever stolen…and no drug association evident?

What was his motivation for these horrendous kills?

What egregious errors had these women made towards him?

What up close and personal default had they committed towards him that would trigger such calculated and sexually stunted violence?

Can the pillars of your justice system answer that question with a straight face?

Motive 101!

Think my dear readers…because your officials are asking you to believe that the common rules and professional guidelines of criminal psychology for a psychopath and/or sociopath do not apply here to either case.

In the last hearing for this man to get a new trial we are asked to swallow such nonsensical rationalizations that a man in the midst of executing vile and passionate crimes… takes both time out and preferential umbrage with the kind of shoes he wears…so that he could spend a night running and jumping through hoops of ridiculous circumstances with his toes curled under to lay flat against the balls of his feet, so as to fit into a pair of shoes more than 3 sizes too small for him…just to screw with the detective’s heads after the fact. In addition, he is a thief who decides after he has killed his victims, not to steal anything-just to throw them off his scent!

That’ll teach those silly cops a thing or two!

Next, we are asked to believe that members of the Columbus justice system did not find the evidence of bite mold, or shoe mold information terribly important at the time of the murders… nor, decades later when they were asked to produce the evidence and then conveniently paraded that either it never existed or that it had been lost. All proven to have been untrue.

Now, I am not asking the families of these victims to relive their tragic losses for folly’s sake, and I would not presume to grasp the level of their despair; but I would venture that in as much as they would like to have their loved ones death’s validated by finding the true killer…they would feel remiss at having watched another man die for crimes he did not commit.

Again, I am not saying that the man in prison is innocent of all the crimes levied against him and he has openly admitted to thievery and substance issues in other cases, but these crimes? He says no…cops say yes. Yet there was never proper record of any of these conversations made, only hearsay after the fact commentaries by cops- desperate to fit the narrative of those being flown by those above them and so should not have been entered as evidence…only hearsay.

What I experienced while in that courtroom a few months ago was most alarming. Had it not been that I both heard and witnessed with my own eyes, these thin arguments offered by the state… I would not have believed some of the suppositions presented. In fact, had a criminal justice student turned in a proposition providing such lack of standard protocols for evidence collection and procedures, devoid of any proper chain of custody documentation, used as the basis for argument for or against any Defense positions…the DA’s office would have likely failed such a proposal. You cannot compound the initial lack of evidential integrity by throwing more piles of incredulity upon it to make it more palatable…the case should be thrown out.

Only in a small town or small minded courtroom would such flagrant evasions ever fly.

Now, I don’t pretend to be an attorney…but your name doesn’t have to be “Ferdinand” to recognize a huge pile of bull_____, when you’ve stepped in it!

I’m just saying that Columbus should perhaps pay greater attention to this case and the players in it, before this man is executed. There are a lot of really interesting questions that will have to be answered about the proposed, “lost” or “produced” evidence in this case…not to mention the unpublicized personal relationships between certain previous, “prime suspects”…the original investigators…attorneys and certain business partners and hidden activities at certain underground parties at a certain house, if this man is put to death.

Oh, who am I kidding?

I plan to ask those questions in the book anyway…whether you kill this man or not. But we can start other places before its release, and we can start with this:

Questions like…

If the lack of any responsible collection and/or chain of custody procedures for evidence in this case has clearly been proven to be an epic cluster_______ the size of Texas, then how can any of the evidence presented in this case ever be trusted? The evidence was improperly collected, stored and/or preserved to begin with. Now I know this was in the 70’s, but please…even an idiot knows to put all the evidence in one safe place…TOGETHER… and not at the bottom of a stairs or “hidden” in a brown paper bag in the back of a file cabinet. Not to mention that some of it was contained in an evidence vault on the same floor as the DA’s offices for decades. Now that sounds responsible, doesn’t it?


So who had unfettered access to it? From what I have been told…pretty much anybody and everybody was able to walk right in there and walk right out, for all those years and if that’s the case… then well…that begs another set of questions–does it not?

Questions like:

Who had much to benefit from the removal or the manipulation of evidence to make sure Gary was convicted to take the fall and shut down the screams of fright from the community they so-call served?

But even more importantly?

Who had much to lose if the evidence found had been able to prove that Gary wasn’t the one who should have taken the fall?

Now that’s the real story in this case!

These are the basic questions that should have been asked then and if the case was solid enough to convict then…could they still be answered the same way today, producing the same effect. But can they?

Look at the original players? Who started somewhere and ended up somewhere else after the Gary conviction, or even just after his arrest? Who was elevated? Who was relocated and why? And then…who lost those positions later after and why?

Tigers don’t change their stripes, children! They just get longer and fade, like the smiles your players hide behind.

The case itself is a sham. The verdict of guilt such a pretentious pile and the endless defense of the state’s position, such a waste of tax payer money and intellect, that the whole case should be thrown out of court and Gary remanded to release for time served.

Otherwise…you explain to me how a fingerprint found 8 years after the fact…and AFTER…Gary’s latent arrest, can suddenly be introduced without proper documentation as to where it came from and how it could have been preserved for all that time without any compromise on a window sill?

Now that’s magic! Or is that…chaos?

(That’s an inside joke for the real players…trust me, they’ll get it!)

The lack of proper procedure in this case boggles the mind.

Many people have deep and hidden personal histories they wish to hide behind this case…things that involve certain activities and many public personalities that cannot professionally or personally afford to have come to light.

So Columbus, do yourself a favor and pay attention…things are about to get very interesting in your town. Go walk the streets of your historic district and take notes; this wasn’t just somebody’s Folly, it was an unholy alliance and mission statement placed in plain view and they counted on only those occultist and enlightened to understand its value and directives.

Business partnerships are about to be exposed…hidden activities brought to light…associations demonstrated…people who wore robes- ritually disrobed…houses that held secrets, dismantled-photo by photo… madmen who once danced naked in the moonlight around a blazing barrel of files and documents not meant for your eyes to see…later filled pools with something other than water…poems that once glorified the black mountains, now read more like a true crime novel… and student loans that had benefactors that might raise certain eyebrows now, have paid off in delays and denials.

Sounds like a good night at the movies and yet…it was all there in your little town…hidden from your eyes, by men who thought they were more clever than the rest of the world and they were–for a time, but no longer. So grab a box of popcorn, Columbus and get ready for the show!

Easter and this investigation have raised more than one man from the dead this year…let’s see what else can be found.

Stay tuned!

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