If you knew the truth about this case…



Yesterday began Pluto’s retrograde until mid-September…it will provide time for true and deep introspection; which in my case means…editing and proofing my next book: LAW OF THE HARRVEST, by T.A. Powell. (Copyrighted materials, 2014)

This book will chronicle my journey and investigation into the Columbus Stocking Strangling’s of 1977-‘80 and the fingerlings of clues that have metastasized from that investigation, into other nationally infamous serial killings that will flog your mind.

Helping a friend out a few days ago, I pulled this card from the deck:

This morning, I pulled it again…the Wheel of Fortune card; both times reversed.

Wikipedia says:

“…The origin of the word is from the “wheel of fortune” – the zodiac, referring to the celestial spheres of which the 8th holds the stars, and the 9th is where the signs of the zodiac are placed. The concept was first invented in Babylon and later developed by the ancient Greeks…”

Now, normally the Wheel of Fortune tarot card is a symbol of constant change and traditionally one could read it in the upright position as favorable changes ahead and the reversed…well…not so favorable changes ahead.

The Wheel Of Fortune card, like so many of the other cards of the Major Arcana, has a variety of interpretations between Tarot decks. Basically, this card has been modeled after the 15th century medieval concept of Rota Fortunae, the wheel of the goddess Fortuna.

Wikipedia also edifies:

“… Images generally show a six or eight spoked wheel, often attended or crested by an individual (sometimes human; sometimes a Sphinx-like half-human) attired in an Egyptian-style headdress…”

But that is not the only thing spirit intended me to see!

What spirit intended me to see, was something in its design that echoed that of another design. Look closely at the figure of what might be construed as the Egyptian head-dressed, Sphinx inspired figure-depicted in a burnish red, hanging with its head and horns dangling off the wheel to the left side…the left leg is also raised at the knee—bent, and the right leg laying relatively flat atop the twisting wheel.

Now why is this important you say?

If I told you that one of the killer’s was an occultist…that he breast fed on all things esoteric…that he believed in religion, astrology, astronomy, the tarot, ancient Egypt and was a practitioner of a specific type of magic and that like every true sociopath—kept souvenirs of his kills—wouldn’t you be interested to know more?

Stay tuned Columbus. This is just the beginning!

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