Yesterday I did something I seldom do…


Yesterday I did something I seldom do. I decided to try and take a new approach to something old.

That being said…

I am always amazed at how many different roads can lead to the same place. Amazed at how many different perceptions there can be of the same view. Perhaps this is why our cars have so many windows…so we can see different things, all while headed in the same general direction.

A driver will have one view…the front seat passenger another, as well as those in the rear–who see most things in hindsight of the others.

No one window of observation is ever exclusive…no one window gifting the only acceptable view.

Someday, try a new road into work. Or one evening, take the longer way home and use that time to think.

Sometimes, the variations within a single landscape shows us something we might have missed otherwise.

It’s called…another perspective.


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