For those who have wrestled…


I cannot believe it has been so many days between writing and yet the blur of  academics and production schedules have been so all consuming, little else has been accomplished in between.

Yesterday I took a break after a heavy morning of academics and went outside into the world and played in the earth–putting in new plants and mowing the yard. After a heady week of pressures, it was good to exercise muscles unbearably knotted with stress and breathe in the afternoon air without expectations, deadlines or obligations. This morning, with hot coffee infused with pumpkin spice and necessary caffeine…my husband and I dressed in light jackets and flannel shirts…enjoyed the colorful plantings outside our cottage and took to the water. As the sun began to kiss the treetops, we ventured into the very unexpected cold autumn air to the marina for breakfast. Is the food there that great? No…not really. But the hot coffee and the ride over, on top of the sun splattered shoreline was spectacular. That and the ritual of early LL Bean mornings with my husband, sets the world right for me each Sunday morning and brings back to a sense of wonderment and gratitude for the gifts Source has already shared with me.

With eagle on the wing above us, it never ceases to amaze me that in spite of every trial we have been thrown…our lives are still the stuff of small dreams. I live on a lake…my chariot, our boat…our house is not too big, but not too small…the view from its deck is as grand as my aspirations and as private as my faith…and the joy it all brings me, makes what I do so very possible. My husband and this life–gift me with the power and support to follow my divine purpose.

As for the case(s)…

The book is still being vetted and the suspense is like having thrown all your cards up into the air…only to be suspended in the wait of their fall.

In truth, I am both eager and afraid of the enormous impact this may have on our lives…but overjoyed that the universe has brought such an adventure our way. Those who have been a part of this journey will joy in its release and be shocked at what has transpired even beyond their contributions and I can hardly wait  to share it with them.

For those who have wrestled with their input or scattered it elsewhere out of  impatience of fear, they will come to understand that the process for me could have not been altered or abridged–lest certain things would have been missed and/or forgotten. The divine orchestrates what needs to be done at the very moment of its necessity and even though it presents as struggle sometimes…I have learned not to question timing, but to embrace it.

As stated, the cards are in the air…where they will land is up to God and I eagerly await his decision!

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