Long time coming…


Dear Readers,

I know it has been a long time coming–these many words you think have been forgotten or left behind somewhere I could not take you and in fact…that is exactly the truth. Where I have been, I have not been able to bring you along… but I know you will forgive me.


Because shortly my next book will come out and then, my dear readers, you will understand why I have been silent–why I could not share with you all that has transpired. Know this; I have never needed to keep so much, so far from your eyes before, but this has been necessary in order to vet the information and reach the conclusions that have been made.

The case in Columbus indeed metastasized beyond the borders of your quaint town and it was necessary to follow where evidence willed. These last few months…nay, years…have been spent in the pursuit of justice for those unable to do so for themselves and true to spirit, my efforts as well as those of many others have not been in vain.

The epic novel, “Lords of the Harvest” is in its final stages and awaiting clearance for publication. It was no small feat…it is no small tale…and the heft between its cover will alert you to the tremendous amount of research and effort undertaken by all who played a part.

I caution you dear readers… pace yourself and pay attention. Truth is not only stranger than fiction, it can be terrifying and so you must pay attention to every nuance and clue presented.

This my dears, is not to be a bathroom novel meant for the in-between moments of your life, or the quick read you grab for the short drive or the puddle-jump air flight. This is an epic and intimate look at a nation’s history of a bizarre patchwork of homicidal selections and the incremental loss  of those who were taken from you: your wives, your mothers, your sisters, your brothers, your fathers, your sons, your neighbors, friends and fellow citizens.

This book needs no one to brag about its content. It will not seek to convert you or change your assessment of the universe or the towns you live in…it seeks only to inform and to prompt the questions the evidence will demand be asked of your officials.

There are some of you out there who are aware of the efforts made on certain individuals behalves and yet, ironically…some of those individuals have yet to learn of this momentous project’s existence. They for whom such endeavors have been made, will without public fanfare be notified of its results before this book goes to print. It is their privilege…it is their right, that they be allowed the privacy of their thoughts and the digestion of these suppositions before the world steps in to make of them what they will.

As author, I thank you for your continued support and loyalty and promise that you will not be found wanting when at last you crack the cover of its girth. Again, this is not a small undertaking and so do not be initially discouraged at the breath of its expanse. Rather, understand that there was no other way for this to be written and shared, so that you might understand everything that I have now come to understand.

If you have not read the previous TRUE CRIME MEMOIR by T.A. Powell; The Thin Gray Line, you might want to, so that the story and characters remain congruent for you. From one murder to many…the contents of, “LORDS OF THE HARVEST” will amaze you!

Stay tuned…

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